Anticipation and Anxiety

I’m having both – looking so forward to move-in day and enjoying some of the things you don’t get to enjoy in an RV: regular flush toilets; two ply toilet paper; instant hot water in the shower and sinks; a dishwasher; a larger fridge and stove; absolutely endless kitchen countertops; and so on. I will miss much about the RV as well, although I would be hard pressed to come up with much right now since I’ve been having problems lately.

The water connection. I really can’t tell if it’s my problem or the park’s. I bought a new pressure regulator but disconnected it when water seemed to be leaking out of it. I bought a new hose, and even use a pair of adjustable pliers to tighten it more than I could do it manually, but there is still a drip. It doesn’t seem like much but there is standing water under my rig, and damp gravel in some spots that must be lower than the rest. The weather is beginning to warm up to the point that I’m sure this could become a breeding ground for mosquitos, and I certainly don’t want that to happen.

I turned the faucet off this afternoon for a couple of hours and the drip stopped. My fresh water tank is showing empty so maybe tomorrow I will just add some water to it and stop using the city water connection, hopefully letting the puddles get a chance to dry up. And yes, I made sure I have the O rings in place.

I’m definitely having a lot of anxiety about the application process for the apartment, and I don’t know why. What if they turn me down? What if my credit report comes out all wrong? I’ve been worrying along those lines all day. I took the app into the office, and the manager who rented the apartment to me is such a great guy – he thinks I’m a shoo-in but the corporate board has to approve all applications. Why did I charge so much on my credit card (my only debt) this past couple of months.

They need to see my actual social security card as part of the application process and I can’t find it! It says somewhere on the card that you should not carry it with you but should keep it in a safe place, which I’ve done. The place is so safe I can’t remember where it is, and I may have to go to SSA to get a duplicate. I’ve run across it somewhere in the last 6 months but darned if I can remember where.

Wes les me go back into the apt. today because I wanted to get an idea of the total shelf space in the kitchen, as well as to just see it again. I tried to take some pictures but the lighting just wasn’t good enough, and I think pictures will look better when there is some furniture there. I will be sure to post them first thing after I move in. My hummingbird feeder is ready to be hung up, and I’m excited to see the first hummers at the feeder. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the western kinds – in the east they are the ruby-throated version. I’m also going to get a couple of flower boxes for the patio. Lady and I are going to love sitting out there every day.

Speaking of Lady, that is another source of anxiety. The complex advertises that dogs are permitted, but say nothing about size restrictions. I sure hope they don’t mind an 85 pounder! I don’t have the nerve to ask specifically and then be turned down, so I’ve chickened out about even asking.

I drove Jeannie to the eye doctor this morning because she had to have her eyes dilated for the exam and wouldn’t have been able to drive home. Donald is working on a catering job for a wedding this weekend, and we took the two little girls with us, necessitating me driving their Highlander since it has two car seats for the kids. I like it very much, except I’m so used to the gear shift on the steering column, and every time I put the highlander in gear I washed the window instead. Also the brakes are totally different than my Ford pickup – very sensitive. Jeannie & Donald would like to buy a mini van to accommodate their family, and I might consider buying the Highlander. It is a 6 cylinder and would probably tow several kinds of campers, although it would leave out getting a truck camper. The around-town mileage would certainly be better though. It’s all speculation right now.

So that is where things stand with me for the next few days. Waiting.

I almost forgot to mention that today I drove slowly through the Village of Fair Oaks and looked at some of the shops. Yep, there is a quilt store! So all you quilting RVers will have to drive my way some time. I’m not going to even dare go into the shop because quilting would ruin my eyes the rest of the way, I’m afraid.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my plans to stay put for a while. You are all so supportive and encouraging, and I’ve been moved to tears by the comments. I appreciate you all much more than you could ever realize.

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5 Responses to Anticipation and Anxiety

  1. It sure sounds like you are forming a good home base and establishing roots already. Hope all goes well and your rig sells fast. Are you thinking of a smaller Class C or B for trips? ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Karen and Steve(Blog)

  2. Sandra says:

    I can appreciate your anxiety. I have it as well although everything has been approved and we have the house. Now it's all the expenses of closing and buying furniture and stuff all over again!Do you have a special lock box for your important papers? Maybe your SS card is there.Good luck, Gypsy and take care!

  3. That SS card will show up when you least expect it! 🙂

  4. If you want to know how to determine if the water leak is from the hose or the RV. Put some water in the tank and disconnect the hose, turn on the water pump and listen for it to run. You will be essentially applying a pressure test of the RV's water lines, and fittings. If the water pump never runs unless you ask for water then the lines and fittings are tight.If it runs only every great once in awhile briefly to resume the pressure level, then you have a small leak in the system somewhere. If it runs more frequently you have a bigger leak that needs to be found ASAP and repaired. If it runs constantly, you have a really big leak and it should become obvious where it is. Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Gypsy. Congrats on your apartment, I know you will like it better than worrying about carrying all your wordly goods around.So you are considering a travel trailer. You don't say what size motor the Highlander has, or what class of hitch. Mine has just a 3 liter, so I can't tow anything larger than a small fiberglass trailer, but I prefer them anyway. No seams to leak. http://www.fiberglassrv.comHappy Trails, Penny, TX

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