I’m in Costco Heaven!

I love Costco. I’ve been a member since the mid-1980’s,when it was known as Price Club. Now I will be living just a few miles from several Costco Warehouses! While I like to shop for meat and produce as near to a daily basis as I can, buying for only one or two meals, I prefer to get other things in bulk and not have to worry about running out.

So today I visited Costco and restocked some of the vitamin supplements I take, dog food, and various cleaning supplies. All I really needed was the dog food and the rest I could have waited until I move in next week, but it isn’t easy to go there for just one item.

One nice thing about going mid-day is that they have tables throughout the store, where they offer tasty little samples of products they carry. You can almost make a lunch of it. Today’s best was a sample of wild USA caught halibut, and it was just out of the electric skillet, cooked to perfection. I’d love to have bought some, but I’m determined to live on what I already have so I don’t have to move so much. I also had some sticky cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing, and they were even giving away sample 8 oz bottles of their own brand of water. That was considerate of them, I thought. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while may remember last year when I bought a huge box of Eggos – and managed to eat all 80 of the Eggos in a rather short time. Just wait until I get a decent size refrigerator and freezer.

Another feature of Sacramento that I had forgotten about is that it actually has a drive-in movie theater with about 5 screens. Maybe I can find a boyfriend to go to the drive-in with and “make out”! (Costco heaven and drive-in heaven might be too much for this old heart, and send me to heaven heaven.)

A reader wrote to ask me if Kathy (whom I met yesterday) has a website. I don’t believe she does because we were discussing blogging, and of course I urged her to start blogging about her travels. So if you’re reading, Kathy, you might weigh in on this. There are a number of solo women whose blogs are listed at the bottom of this page – Travels with Emma, Travels with Miranda, and Life on the Open Road come to mind. There are several others who haven’t posted in a while. I’m sorry if I have failed to mention someone – I have some blogs listed and reach others through my bookmark list, and of course there are solo male RVers whose blogs I like also.

So you women out there who would like to become an RVer, or who already are one, please try your hand at writing a blog if you don’t already do it. (This goes for the guys, and couples as well.)

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4 Responses to I’m in Costco Heaven!

  1. Vera says:

    I love Costco too. I only joined a short while ago and have only been 3 or 4 times. I did come out with one item once. I biiig chunk of Assiago cheese. I managed to down that ina short time almost all by myself. Not good but I love it. Good thing Costco for me is half an hour drive and over the Malahat. I hate that drive, it scares me 😦 Be careful with the goodies ☺

  2. Just wanted to let you know that we spent a couple of enjoyable and informative hours at Fort Pulaski today. I am sure it would have been better if you were there.

  3. Margie M. says:

    Why Gypsy…you little flirt you! Wanting to make out at the movies (sounds like fun) LOL.Costco ROCKS!

  4. Debbie Goode says:

    Boyfriend?? Wa….hooo! You go girl!

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