Fashion Alert!

Attention all women out there who like and wear capri pants. (I don’t mean to exclude the guys who might like and wear them, so this goes for you too.) Capris will be totally out of style within a very short time.

I have always had an intense dislike for capris – I think they look great on other women, but I think I would look and feel like a dork in them. Years ago they were called pedal pushers, and they looked just as dorky then. I finally broke down and tried a pair, and I LOVE THEM! So today I went out and bought some more. This means the fashion police, or whomever keeps track of these things, will decide that if Gypsy now wears them it is time to discontinue anything remotely resembling them. So ladies (and gentlemen) get all the wear you can out of your capris this summer because they will be considered dorky by next year. Next thing you know I might try to get rid of relaxed fit jeans and pants, and those little tops that look like maternity wear but can be worn by anyone. If anyone is interested in seeing an end to a particularly bad fashion, just let me know and I will do my best.

I looked at an RV/Boat storage this morning and WOW, is it ever expensive! It costs about as much as some folks’ mortgage payment, but it is all indoors in a building that is clean enough to eat off the floor, is fenced and gated, CCTV, and very well taken care of. There is 30 amp electric service and a dump station is available, as well as propane. It is mostly used for boat storage, but the ground level accommodates RV’s. If I want to show the RV to a potential buyer, I can pull it out of the space and into the center, where the slides can be let out.

The manager also suggested detaling and carpet cleaning if I want to sell the rig, and he has photos of a boat that looked pretty awful but like new after cleaning and detailing. Of course, this all costs money, lots of it, but if I thought it would enable me to make a quick sale at a decent price, I might go for it. I just hope that someone wants both the 5th wheel and the truck. I will hate to see the truck go, but I’m tired of trying to fit into parking lots that are designed for compact vehicles.

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10 Responses to Fashion Alert!

  1. I felt like you did about capri's until I retired and came south for the winter. Then I decided I had to have something to wear besides jeans or long pants when it was warm out. My body is definitely not made for anything above the knee so capris won out. And I love them now too.Good luck with selling the fiver and truck.

  2. Ya, know what you mean. I look pretty dorky in Capris too:((

  3. Count me in as a capri wearer… they look much better on my legs than shorts! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Karen and Steve(Blog)

  4. Vera says:

    I just cannot wear capris. A few years ago I bought 2 pair and have hardly worn them. They don't like me ☺

  5. I wanna see that picture of AL in capris! Post that for us would you Al!

  6. Margie M. says:

    Wore my capris tonight for dinner with Jerry and Suzy. I like to wear them often, too.Have a great week.

  7. Cedar ... says:

    I love capris,… used to roll my jeans up a bit in summer. I know, I know,.. looking like a country hick, but that's what I AM! 🙂 Trouble with those relaxed fit tops is when I wear them I actually do look pregnant,… ouch! Good luck with your 5th and truck,… I'll bet they go quickly. Enjoy your moving day!

  8. When I was a kid, I wore pedal pushers. Very practical for not getting your pant leg caught in the chain of your bicycle. :)Now I don't wear them. I have short legs and the capris are always too long. 😦

  9. Rojo says:

    Talk about looking bad… My ole long skinny legs and knobby knees sticking out of a pair of cargo shorts. Ask me , just go on and ask me…. if I care :-)))I own one pair of decent, 10 year old Wrangler jeans that I have had on twice in the past 5 years.When we went to Douglas AZ, for a few days, in January I had to dig around to find some old work jeans, because 20-30 degree weather is just a tad to cold for shorts.I just dont go anywhere that shorts and a Tee shirt are not appropriate.Rojo

  10. Capri's are definitely a big favourite around our place – for Paulette though, not for me! I still remember when they used to call them pedal pushers too!

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