Back Home

I left home a week ago in the best of spirits, and when we arrived at the campground it couldn’t have been better. We were the only ones in our entire loop, set up the tents and equipment, then sat down to just look at the trees. Last Monday was pretty warm which didn’t encourage getting out to explore. It did cool down for the rest of the week and was mostly in the upper mid-80’s with very cool nights. Perfect!

Tuesday Ara got a signal on her cell phone and found a message asking her to call about a job she had applied for. It turned out they wanted to interview her on Wednesday, was hired, and worked on Thursday and Friday. Thankfully I had been obsessed with having her drive my truck and get used to maneuvering it, so I didn’t mind at all her driving it back to Sacramento. Steve and Meg arrived Tuesday evening, so I had company, and Jeannie, Donald & little girls came in on Thursday afternoon. It should have been a perfect time.

I knew the campground would be sold out for the weekend, but the peace was shattered on Wednesday when a very noisy man came in with his family, and his loud voice let everyone in El Dorado County know that several of his friends were arriving, including one with a big motorhome. This guy drove a contractors truck and was evidently in construction – carried the entire bed full of lumber ends and scraps. First of all it is illegal to burn lumber in the park. As he unloaded it he made sure the heavy pieces hit the metal bed and tailgate, and the noise was incredible.

Things went from bad to worse. The next day he moved his truck to his friend’s adjoining site, positioned a huge piece of lumber (I don’t know lumber and would maybe say 2×12, except I think it was much thicker than 2″). He proceeded to fire up a chain saw and cut pieces of this wood for his friend to burn.

Most of the group seemed to be of a religious sect, mainly because of how the women and girls were all dressed. They weren’t Amish or Mennonite for sure, but whatever they were they certainly didn’t care a damn about bothering everyone in the park. The last straw came on Saturday about 9 pm when he turned on a big, loud, commercial grade generator and ran it until 10:30. I think his truck battery had died and he spent an hour and a half charging it, and all the while had set up three extremely bright lamps, one of which was aimed directly at our campsite. So much for privacy and the light even invaded the tents themselves.

Jeannie and I debated going to look for the park patrol but ended up waiting it out. This man was making noise pounding and chopping things even as early as 6 am, and I was glad he wouldn’t be running the generator at 5 or 6am the next morning. The group pulled out early on July 4th, but the trip was nearly ruined for us, as well as for a lot of other campers. I decided I would never again go camping on a summer weekend. Early in the week is fine, and spring and fall weekends are usually ok. We have camped in this park numerous times and never had a problem.

So while I had a good time being with family I am still left with the feeling that I want to go camping somewhere and have a good camping experience. Fortunately the tent and screen tent went up quickly and with no problems, and I was fine sleeping on an air mattress – a backpacker’s Thermarest the first night and on my air mattress the rest of the time. I would probably have used the Thermarest the entire week if Steve hadn’t pumped air into the big mattress.

I also had a msg on my cell phone while camping that the eye doctor had to go out of town this week so I should call for another appointment. My battery died before I could get the office, and when I drove by this morning I noticed the entire parking lot was empty – evidently the place is closed for the week. I sure hope everything is ok with him, and that nothing serious caused this abrupt closing.

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9 Responses to Back Home

  1. Holiday week-ends seem to bring out the very worst in week-end warriors. If you read Nick Russell's blog – they had the same kind of problems you did and they gave up and moved on to get away from the noise and inconsiderate people. Such a shame they have to ruin it for everybody. But it sure was good to hear from you again. Missed your posting.

  2. gumo says:

    All it takes is one camper to ruin it for everyone. I often talk to campground hosts to see how strict they are and look for a host that takes ownership pride in their camp. I hope you camp soon with a better experience.

  3. I have a totally zero tolerance level for other people's ignorance & stupidity. Kelly is the same & that is precisely one of the main reason we have to avoid RV Parks & even popular boondocking places. We only have two options with this kind of problem. Fight or flight & at this age it is flight. We have to pack up & move everytime. My short temper cuts me no slack with idiots like that!! Just reading your post about those jerks had smoke coming out my ears!!!!

  4. What a shame your quiet family camping trip was marred by that ignorant slob.I would have liked to know what religion he was, so I could avoid them.I am sorry, but I wouldn't have put up with it. I would have got hold of a ranger or someone in charge. Especially as it was illegal to burn lumber there, their rules must have a good reason for that.All or part of it might have been some of that treated lumber which gives off toxic fumes.How inconsiderate! Someone needed to put him in his place, and make him realize that the world doesn't revolve around him!So sorry, Gyspy.Happy Trails Next Time, Penny, TX

  5. Great to see you back blogging again Gypsy and from the pics in post #2, it sure looks like you had a nice campsite in a beautiful spot – except for the idiot with the chain saw! Just be thankful he's not a full-time neighbour!!

  6. Hembree says:

    Even though the park host's at Defeated Creek are pretty strict about following the rules…the very reasons that ruined your trip are why we leave for two weeks on Wednesday…my rule is that my rights end where yours begin…I wish everyone would follow that rule…I'm sorry your trip was ruined…I know how much you were looking forward to it…hopefully next time will be better…

  7. Margie M. says:

    Sorry your trip was marred by a bunch of idiots. Holiday weekends are the pits for camping and I don't care where you are it is the same thing. I can never figure out if it is stupidity, ingnorance or rudeness….probably all 3. Maybe the next time you camp it will be a better experience. Hope so. Nice that Ara got the job, though.

  8. Bob says:

    Sorry to hear about your exposre to idiots. I just can't believe how rude and self centered some people are.

  9. I am sure glad the rest of the trip was nice, even if those days with the rude family were tough. Once we had a person like that move next to us, but it was a woman. Her voice carried over everyone else and it was driving us nuts. The more she drank, the louder and raspier it got. Fortunately, we were able to move to another spot with the host's permission. People like that can ruin everyone's camping experience for many sites around them. Sigh. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Karen and Steve(Our Blog) RVing: Small House… BIG Backyard

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