I’ve been doing some research on the internet about the iPod Nano, because I’m interested in the video part of it. It doesn’t seem like it would take the place of a video camera, so I won’t worry about that so much as it seems to be more for spontaneous recordings, and short ones at that. I did notice that it says in part of the advertisement that the design “makes it more Glam”. So I think owning an iPod Nano might not make me more technologically adept, but if it makes me more Glam, gollee, I can’t ask for anything more!

One thing I’ve noticed about the voice recorder is that I seem to be speaking extremely slowly. I was a bit worried that I am becoming slow-witted, and wondering if that was a sign of impending old age. In trying to erase everything I’ve recorded so far, I just hit something that makes the voice speed up, so it is quite possible that I’m still my old self. For some reason I can’t erase, though I’ve been able to do it up to now. I like some basic technology as long as I don’t have any trouble getting it to work properly, but my patience runs thin when I encounter problems with it.

I tried out the ear plugs when I went to bed last night, but woke up an hour or so later and ripped them out. They are truly annoying. If I listened real closely I could barely make out sounds that are probably coming from the TV, so I just went back to sleep. I’ll keep the plugs handy just in case. I think the couple upstairs is probably on vacation. They moved in while I was away and seem to be nice except they sit on the steps leading down from their apartment to smoke. I shouldn’t have any problem with that as long as their smoke continues to rise.

There isn’t much happening today and as long as I stay home I’m not spending money. I’ve been thinking I need to stop at Les Schwab and have them check the air in my tires, as well as the overall condition. They put on the four dually tires last year, but I want to make sure all six tires will get me to the east and back this fall. I’m hoping to get to some out-of-the-way places on my trip, and I don’t want to worry about tires.

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  1. Sandra says:

    I got a Nano a month or so ago and I like it. Haven't used the video yet though. Only using as a pedometer and for music for my walks.

  2. For whatever reasons I don't seem to have any interest in that IPod Nano stuff. Maybe it's me that needs an upgrade, d'ya think. Batteries could be wearing down in your recorder making you sound sound like an old acid trip from the 60's.

  3. Go for the Glam!! I know you said your new cellphone is no frills, so I'm assuming it doesn't have a camera for stills and movies? Most do now.Good tires is always money well spent!

  4. Roadrunner says:

    My Droid has a voice recorder, but I can't get the volume up loud enough to hear it in play back. I wish I could, I would like to record this bird I hear at night. He must be right behind my rig. So loud. I think it is a Nightingale

  5. phil says:

    The Olympus has 3 playback speeds. When you push the play button, it plays the file at normal speed. If you hit the play button a second time (while it is playing)it will go to slow speed, about 25% slower. If you hit it a third time, it will go to high speed, about 50% faster. If you stop playing while in the slow or fast mode, the next time you hit play, it will play at that speed until you change it. I hope this helps.

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