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I forgot to mention that when I was at Jeannie’s house on Sunday, I challenged her to insert the batteries into the flashlight that gave me so many problems. There were two flashlights left in the pack, and Donald suggested getting both out for a contest. The minute he said “contest” I could see the look on Jeannie’s face that indicated she would win, and she did. (She is one of the most competitive people I have ever known, but is a good, kind, and empathetic person as well, which sort of softens the competitiveness.) But when Ara finally came into the room and we showed her the flashlight plus the meagre instructions on the packaging, she figured it out immediately. I was nearly blown over at how fast she went to it!

I gave Jeannie one flashlight to keep in her car, and Ara one to take back to school. I also had an extra compass for her since I know she and some of her friends at school like to explore and have gotten lost at least once. They like to camp down by the river and the surrounding area. A grandmother could go crazy with worry, but she has shown herself to be capable, as well as to stay cool and confident in a difficult situation.

I saw my 5th wheel online this morning at the dealer’s website. Wow, it looks so clean! If only the right person would come along and fall in love with it.

Tomorrow is my long-awaited trip to the eye surgeon. I don’t know if I will get much sleep tonight as I’ve been waiting so long, it seems.

Just for the heck of it, in case I can’t drive to NY in September, I looked up the Amtrak schedules and rates. I rode the train round trip from NC to Sacramento for my son’s wedding in 2008, and the fares have gone up by about $200. It would be a total of approx. $1660, plus tax (and tips). That is for the roomette sleeper which includes all meals and, depending on the car attendant, a bit of pampering. But I’m not going to spend that kind of money, so if no alternative exists I will consider flying (UGH, YUK, HORRORS). I’m still going ahead with my planned road trip, though it is a good idea to consider alternatives.

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9 Responses to More on flashlights, travel

  1. Vera says:

    I hope your eye appointment will go well so that you will be going on your road trip. Hopefully you will find just the right RV for you.

  2. No point in losing any sleep. It will just make you drousy & sleepy eyed. The Doc wants you all bright & cheery eyed!! Good luck just the same & stay positive. There are some shadows in our travel plans for this winter as well but we are remaining hopeful…..just like you:))

  3. Good luck tomorrow at the eye doctor. We all want to know what he has to say. And we definitely want to hear that the trip is still on.

  4. Hope you get a good report at the eye doc tomorrow! Some folks just have a knack for putting things together – like flashlights!

  5. Margie M. says:

    Good luck and blessings to you for your eye appointment tomorrow. I agree with you about the flying experiences…they are awful. Hope you'll be able to drive to NY like you would prefer.Fingers crossed now for your appt. tomorrow!!!!!

  6. Best wishes on your eye appointment, and I'm sure the 5er will sell. Remember for every deal there is somebody, we just have to find him!

  7. I've been playing catch up on your blog because of my internet outage. Good luck tomorrow! šŸ™‚

  8. Bob says:

    Best wishes for a successful eye appt. I agree with the train monkey business. We were thinking about taking the train to Seattle next month until I checked on prices.

  9. Back in May/June I did a road trip from here in SC to AZ then up to CO to visit my sister, and back took about a 3 week trip. Gas is much higher in the west here is currently about $2.49-I tried to stick to 500 miles per day thats about an 8 hr day–Motel 6's are cheapest but bare minimum for comfort…but its only a night then up and gone so big savings–

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