(Hopefully) my 2nd last trip to the eye doctor

I had hoped this would be it, although I know that things still aren’t right. The doctor said I still have a tiny bit of swelling in the eye, so he was hesitant to have me get glasses just yet. He would have gone along with it, but thinks I would soon be unhappy with the prescription. So we agreed I will see him again on the 26th of August, 6 wks away, which will still give me time to have prescription glasses made before I leave for NY.

I’m not happy about it, but I refuse to be unhappy either. It is what it is. The Dr. said that every body heals differently, and every eye heals differently. So I will make the best of it, use the eyedrops for another 6 weeks, and hope everything will be much better by then.

Before I left I ran into Enrique, who is in charge of maintenance at the apartment complex. He said he had gotten a call from Brandi, the blind woman who had lived in the apartment upstairs from me, and who underwent a 3rd cornea transplant back on June 24. She told Enrique she was very happy living in Washington (with her sister and b-i-l), her surgery went well and she is improving little by little, that she had made lots of new friends there and was going here and there and enjoying life. I think she enjoyed life when she was blind, so she must be ecstatic now. When I think of her plight, I can’t curse my fate of having to wait longer than I thought I would for my sight to be as perfect for my age as I can expect.

So while my first reaction was “Oh sh*t”, there isn’t anything I can do about it except try to keep a positive attitude.

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7 Responses to (Hopefully) my 2nd last trip to the eye doctor

  1. Sandra says:

    Absolutely, gypsy! Keeping a positive attitude will win every time!

  2. Margie M. says:

    You certainly have the right attitude, Gypsy. It is usually a good idea for me to think about other folks I know who have bigger problems and try and feel grateful. Like you wrote…nothing you can do about it at the moment so being positive and waiting another 6 weeks isn't too bad. I hope it hasn't been too hot for you down there in Sacramento. Enjoy your evening!

  3. Sometimes things just do not go the way we plan. My sister had her knee replaced six weeks ago and she is not progressing near as much as she should be. It is still really swollen but the doctor told her the same thing – everybody heals differently and she needs to give it more time. We're pulling for you.

  4. Pidge says:

    You have the right idea, Gypsy. Stay positive. You make me feel good just reading all of your up-beat thoughts. And, you are right, it could be a lot worse. Take care and those six weeks will just fly by.

  5. I'll bet your eye is just like new in 6 weeks. Just keep following the doctors orders, that swelling will recede, and you'll be on your way to New York – with a nice new set of eyeglasses!

  6. Keep the faith, things will improve. The best medicine is a positive attitude and you have that!

  7. Life continously throws us these little trials & tribulation curves along the way. Some of these things we handle better than others. Some we have control of & some we do not. Keep your thoughts positive, but realistic.

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