Dogs and the heat

I love my dog but she can be aggravating. Here is what I faced this morning when I walked into the bathroom. She got nosy when I came back with the camera, but originally she was completely stretched out and her head blocked the front of the toilet. Sometimes in the middle of the night she is there, and sometimes by my bed where I can trip over her, but I have learned to be careful and look for a large dark spot on the floor.

A word about comments, sometimes I get comments I’d like to respond to by email, but I can’t obtain the person’s email address. If I’ve ever corresponded privately with readers, then the comment can be responded to privately. I get a notification via email of all comments to my blog, but in most cases the email is from
“Commenter’s name” I think if I just reply in the normal way, it won’t get back to you. Often I will try to go to your blog, if you have one, and look for an email address there, but in most cases there is none. I even went to my own blog to see if my address was posted and I can’t find any evidence that it is. For anyone who wants to write me personally, my email is:
gypsy97 at gmail com. Hopefully you know how to edit this address to send me an email.

Speaking of comments, I’ve had several recently urging me to use my A/C. Living in Cincinnati, Ohio for many years, I know about high temperatures together with humidity. When we had our first central a/c installed, the tech told us to let it run 24/7 because it could take 24 hours to remove the excess humidity from a home, but if you turned it off at night and opened the windows you were letting humidity right back in. Your a/c had to work harder and you had to pay more.

In California the humidity is very low in summertime. Sacramento is usually blessed with what they call the Delta breeze, which is very cool air coming up the Sacramento Delta from San Francisco Bay. If I have my geography a little wrong, I will stand corrected if you’d like to comment. All I know is that it is very cool and dry overnight. The temps may reach 100 during the day, to drop to 60 at night.

Because of the layout of my small apartment it usually stays fairly cool, even during the hot part of the day, and I’ve never experienced it going above 80 degrees. Yes, I could turn the A/C on and set it to 70 or 75 when it is 100 outside, but I’d be afraid of my health going out to walk the dog, with the heat hitting me like a ton of hot bricks. It’s much easier and just as comfortable for me to stay relatively still in an apartment that is 20 degrees cooler than the outside temp. Now if I did much housework or other physical activity to speak of, that would be another story, but I don’t work up much of a sweat looking at or typing on the computer.

Now this is just my experience and opinion – we all have to keep ourselves comfortable to the best of our ability. If it ever gets too much for me, I will crank up the old A/C.

I’d like to grumble just a bit before I hit “Publish Post”, and that is about magazines. Take your pick as they are all the same. Why do the publishers waste money on slick paper that is difficult to separate and turn pages. In my forwarded mail today was an AARP bulletin and a Trailer Life Magazine. I wish I could quit receiving both of them, but I noticed from the label that AARP will continue to haunt me with their magazines until Oct. 2013. I honestly don’t know how that could be possible, because I never renew a subscription for more than 2 years at a time. I’m not going to tempt fate and pay for something I might not live long enough to use!

I have been receiving trailer life for about a year beyond my “last issue” paid for. They could save their money because I leaf through it once in a while and then throw it away. It sure leaves a lot to be desired, and I think it’s a waste of whatever materials they use in the publishing of this piece of junk.

As far as AARP goes, I am definitely not interested in how celebrities deal with turning 50! I used to have my auto insurance with them and they assured me in response to several phone calls that if I sold my vehicle I would not be assessed a penalty. I sold my Jeep in late 2008 and darned if they didn’t charge me $150 for cancelling in the middle of the term. They told me it was just tough that I got bad info from folks in their organization, but there was nothing they would do about it. So now I’m stuck with a reminder of my intense dislike for them every time I get one of their slick, dumb magazines!

End of rant.

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9 Responses to Dogs and the heat

  1. Margie M. says:

    I agree with you about the Calif. weather and the A/C usage. From our experience (and you know this also) in the East it often doesn't cool down a whole bunch during the night. Typically in the Western states it does do that and I agree with your thinking on that topic.And I totally second your opinion on those magazines. A few years back we cut off all subscriptions to monthly magazines. They were just shrinking and shrinking in usable content and filling up with more ads. Almost useless. However, when we do feel the urge to read a magazine we now go over to any public library that we happen to be near and read all of them for FREE. It works well for us since we are cheapskates.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been reading your blog for months and recently it has been more and more negative. I know medical problems can produce bad attitudes but I try to look at my glass as half full. I seems very easy the older I get at 75+ years to complain about everything – I force myself to be positive many days. Why complain about a magazine – they have a multitude of problems due to the economy. As far a AARP thy seem to provide many articles of interest to seniors – no publication can please all. Really enjoyed your posts when you were near the Savannah – close to my home. Maybe another bout of traveling will brighten your outlook. Martin

  3. Sandra says:

    I know the feeling about magazines especially RVing ones. I've never had that much interest in them but when I renew my ERS I have to renew my subscription to RV Explorer (Canadian). It's the cheapest ERS even with the membership to RV Explorer so I'm taking the in to the local hospital for their waiting room.Even as hot as it's been up here with high humidity I think we've only run the air overnight once.

  4. Magazines Schmagazines!! We don't subscribe to any mags anymore. There are some good one's out there I guess but it seems the majority of one's I look at in Doctor's offices while waiting for people seem nothing more than advertising rags. Page after glossy page of ads. Try to find the stories in most of them. Once again I am afraid it is a sign of our times & not so much a sign of our Senior years.

  5. Looks like we all agree that magazines are not worth the trouble. We only get snail mail a couple times a year. Anything we actually need comes by e-mail.Enjoy the weather.

  6. Gypsy, I read your blog every day because I find it entertaining and informative. I don't find it negative at all as Martin said in his comment. You write a varied blog with lots of great stories about events with your family. The other stuff – computers, magazines, cellphones, cameras is all small stuff and I get a kick out your battles with these things sometimes. Sorry, but I do. And, like the others, I agree with you about magazines – they're mostly useless and impossible to cancel.

  7. Roadrunner says:

    That is why I never joined AARP, Good Sam is almost as bad. I dropped Trailer Life when I started using a mail service. I do enjoy Trailblazer, from Thousand Trails, and Escapee's Magazine from the Escapee's RV Club, but you can read these online too. My friend gave me as a Christmas gift Coastal Magazine, she just loves it, I see nothing but ads on every page. Just something else to haul to the trash.

  8. Gypsy – I agree with Rick and Paulette. I love reading about your struggles with technology because then I don't feel so alone. My blog is a travel log and I love reading all the different types of blogs that people write. Keep it up.P. S. I hate the magazines!!

  9. Susan says:

    I too agree with you about the weather. Living in Phoenix, Sacramento isn't bad at all and being originally from Chicago, winters here aren't bad either. I rarely turn on the AC in the summer or heat in the winter, only when I'm expecting guests. As to those magazines, its a love/hate thing. I love learning about new things and would take out articles to refer to later (sometimes would, sometimes not). Now that I plan on putting me and my stuff into a tiny box on wheels, I realized (just now) that I can toss the collection without even going through it. Thank you! Off to the trash. When the grandkids were here I let them cut them up and make collages. There not here, so bye bye more paper. Now if I can only do that with my old art work.Keep on expressing those thoughts, we're all there at one time or another

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