What if?

Today I decided to amuse myself by pondering what I will do for the future in the event my 5th wheel doesn’t sell. It’s still early days as I signed the contract on June 4, and it runs for 120 days, renewable at the agreement of both parties for another 120 days. But I can’t avoid the fact that I might be stuck with it, so I decided to consider if I would ever live in it again.

I came up with a resounding, “NO”! There are a number of things I would have to get if I went back into it, including 3 new tires, plus all the hoses and connectors. I tossed everything when I cleaned it out, including disposing of all hoses. I thought at the time maybe I should keep some of them as they were fairly new, including a lexan connector for the waste hose, which can be handy. But I decided I never wanted to deal with a hose again, so I threw them all out.

If I get a truck camper I will obviously have to get hoses, and use them, which is why the idea of throwing camping gear into the back of my pickup truck is so appealing. I think I could get used to showering at a campground shower, but whether I would want to do that all the time in all weather is another question. When I’ve been at CalExpo I notice a lot of RVers leave their luxury motorhomes and 5th wheels to use the campground showers. Maybe they just don’t want to get their waste tanks dirty, and maybe they don’t want to deal with the hoses. I don’t know, but I’ve used CG showers a few times and haven’t found them objectionable. If I came across one that was dirty and yukky looking, I simply would wait until the next one I came across.

But it isn’t just the plumbing system that makes me certain I don’t want to go back into the 5th wheel. I never did hitch and unhitch a lot to begin with, because I simply hated doing it by myself. I disconnected it was when I was at a workamping site and knew I would be there for several months. I loved the workamping experiences I had, and can’t help but looking now and then to see what is going to be available that’s in a location I would like to be in for a while. I’m not sure I want to do it anymore; the downside is that I grow tired of it after about two months so I have a month left to work when my heart isn’t always in it and I’m thinking more and more of the road calling to me. The upside is the free rent and utilities while committed to a job, plus meeting some very nice people. I don’t mind being alone, but I’m better off having contact with people which I’ve realized since I retired.

I’m still fairly confident the 5ver will sell in the next month or two, and that the dealer will extend the consignment for another 120 days if it doesn’t sell. That would give me breathing room to figure out what to do when my lease is up. I really like the apartment and location; I really don’t like summer in Sacramento; the place was fairly low key and quiet until the woman who lived upstairs moved and was replaced by the current couple (and they aren’t all that bad most of the time–just from about midnight on for a few hours, and the earplugs are a good compromise for my state of mind.) Note: The problem is that my living room is in front, whereas their bedroom is in front and over my living room. My bedroom is right under their living room. Nobody can help that, it’s just the way it’s set up.

If it doesn’t sell I might just try to find a dealer who will buy it outright.

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9 Responses to What if?

  1. It seems pretty clear that you have made the right decision concerning your 5th wheel. Now, it would be perfect if it would sell soon so you could get on with what you want to get next. Hope that happens soon!

  2. We had a fiver that we needed to sell because at the time we had two of them. The guy at a consignment lot told us that they do not sell during the spring or summer. And we did not get one call. But come fall and people are thinking about heading south for the winter. And he was right. Come September/October we had at over 20 calls on the thing. So hang in there with it and don't give up.

  3. gumo says:

    Maybe you could live in your camper at a nice adult campground. It would save money and it is a very nice one. Maybe not having to listen to the upstairs folks would be worth it.

  4. Vera says:

    If you could use your earplugs all night every night your noise problem would be solved. It took me quite awhile before I got used to mine but now I don't even think about it. I plug my ears before I go to bed and that's it. No noise. I hope your 5thWheel sells soon. I believe Jim and Sandie are right, large 5thWheels sell better for the snowbirds.

  5. Margie M. says:

    Gypsy, I sure hope something gets moving with your 5er soon! I know you do not want to deal with it any longer, and truthfully, I don't blame you. Jim and Sandie may be correct in that yours may not sell during the summer months. I think a lot of people are already out camping in whatever they have and aren't thinking about changing. Hopefully, things will improve after Labor Day! Hope so…hope so…hope so.Have a good weekend ahead.

  6. Roadrunner says:

    That's why I like living in my fiver. No one above me,I don't have to "watch" my TV volume, or my dog barking. If someone moves in I just can't stand, then I can hook up and move!

  7. Waiting & waiting to sell a big ticket item like a boar, car, RV or house can be a real draining stone around the neck. I think the folks are probably right about the fall being a seller's market. And I know how you feel about selling something that you really do not want to have to deal with anymore. Just think of the that 'great feeling of relief' when it does sell though. Yahouie Louie:))

  8. Dixxe says:

    I made this suggestion in an email reply, but have you thought of finding someone who would like to trade? ITs a possibility that someone out there wants what you have and they have what you want!! Never know until you look. One thing Ive learned is in order for me to "Get what I want" I have to be very clear on what it is I want…so just imagine exactly what you want, then sit back and wait for it to come to you!!

  9. I used to use some campground showers with my old rig because my hot water tank was small. It felt good just to let the water run! 🙂

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