A New Friend, and Triptik arrived!

What a day this is turning out to be! This morning Susan (What’s up with Susan and Company) and I met at The Bistro in Fair Oaks Village, where we talked non-stop for 3 hours! Susan is in the process of researching and planning to be a fulltime RVer, and it turns out that she lives only a short distance from me. Thank you Judy (of Travels with Emma) for noticing and getting us together.

When I got home I checked for mail, and to my delight my AAA Triptik had arrived. I have given it a quick glance through and am beyond satisfied with it. Together with the Regional and State maps, plus my GPS, I will have a wonderful trip around the country assuming I have something to make the trip in, such as a nice truck camper, T@B or other small trailer. I’ve even seen a small Airstream that I could envision myself traveling with.

As always, it usually doesn’t matter what my plans are, whatever I need will unfold when the time is right. Too bad my patience falters all too often.

Again I would like to thank the readers of my blog for hanging with me, and especially to thank those of you who comment on what I write. Often a comment will make me go back to read what I wrote and I am sometimes surprised at the way I came across. I try to be aware of what readers might think, but don’t always realize the different meanings that can be gotten from a paragraph.

As a case in point, I wrote that I am unreasonably tired and lethargic, which is true except for when I have something to do. I also think back to my workamping jobs at Lassen and Ft. Pulaski last year, and I certainly had enough energy to spare. I am beginning to realize that a big part of my problem is not having anything to do, or not being needed. It can also be just plain boredom, which can open a tiny crevice through which depression can work its way in. And as I have said previously, the heat is getting to me, and I don’t have the desire to cook so I often don’t eat enough to keep up my energy. I just don’t know what to do about that.

I have been an optimist at the core of my being for nearly all my life, and I just hate it when life’s situations can sometimes make me forget who I am. So thanks again for all who stay with me through the good times and not so good times, bear my rants and raves (you can always just opt to not read a post) and rejoice with me at the very high points of my life and travels.

And for all my complaining about Sacramento, mostly the summer weather, I have loved being so close to my children and grandchildren here. And now, after just getting the latest portraits of my two grandsons in NY, I can hardly wait to see them in a couple of months. So I know that travel in some form or another will be what I live for, as long as I can do it.

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7 Responses to A New Friend, and Triptik arrived!

  1. Margie M. says:

    It could be that a little vacation is all you need to pick up your spirits and close that tiny crevice so depression cannot enter. It never fails with us…we love coming back to being with family, and then….we love when we get a break from being with them and escape for a little travel time. It really helps pick up our spirits and I'm betting it will help you, too. No matter how, or what you go off in. And yep, I'll be sticking with you through thick and thin!

  2. Three hours in a Bistro? You must have solved all the problems in the world! Glad to see your TripTik arrived and that it appears to be what you were expecting.I always enjoy reading your blog. Sounds like everyday living to me and I wouldn't expect anything else!

  3. I know exactly what your saying & how your feeling. You & I walk the same walk many times. Yes, it is boredom & all those little nasty's associated with that. People like us are usually at our personable best with some kind of managable challenge in front of them. We need to go the distance & see what is over the next hill & around the next curve. We need to feel…'ALIVE'

  4. Gypsy, I was glad to read this post today. I have been a bit concerned about your recent posts as it does sounds like you are somewhat depressed. And I agree with Al – those of us who love the fulltime lifestyle really seem to need that change of scenery to stay happy, mentally healthy, and energetic. I hope that reviewing your new TripTik and maybe a little RV browsing will help raise your spirits. Oh, and that hot, hot, Sacramento weather… I know it well. Ouch!

  5. Gypsy – I think the name says it all. I can only stay put in one place for a month and by then I am stark raving mad. But there are times when staying put is the right thing to do and I hope I can handle it with the strength that you show in your posts.I admire you tremendously and look forward to meeting you sometime on the road when our paths will cross.

  6. You know, it was the picture of the chicken in Susan's blog that made me think of where you're at. I didn't even know she lived in Sacramento. Strange how a little thing like a chicken can make something click. :)Yep, boredom can get you in a rut. What happened to your idea of volunteering at the local library?

  7. Anonymous says:

    You amaze ME just by going out and traveling by yourself. Wish I had the courage to do that! Well, guess I gotta come up with some money too first!! ha But I love hearing about your travels or non-travels, and just your feelings in general. We've all had similar feelings too I'm sure.Donna Daniel

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