Baby shower this weekend

Wednesday, 7/28
I went with Jeannie this evening (Wednesday) to Babys-R-Us to shop for things for the upcoming baby shower we’re having for Megan, Steve & Baby Liam this coming Saturday. I’m always totally amazed at how this industry has grown since my kids were babies, and it’s fun to look at what is available now. I’m just glad I wasn’t faced with the high cost of things today.

Tomorrow morning I am going to try to see the doctor at Urgent Care, after talking to my sister who is a nurse about my possible potassium deficiency. She convinced me that I shouldn’t self-diagnose or self-treat in this case, so I will bite the bullet and see the doctor. About 3 years ago I needed a doctor while in CA and went to Urgent Care, which happens to be less than a mile from Jeannie’s house. I really liked and trusted the doctor there at the time, and a google search for him showed he is still at that location. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find him on duty tomorrow.

Then I will get all the ingredients I need for two dishes I’m going to contribute to Saturday’s festivities. I haven’t made either of them since I was still married to Bill and living in Cincinnati, which would be before 1983, and I just hope I haven’t lost my touch. They were sort of specialties of mine, which hurts double when you can’t make the grade any longer.

My heart sank when I arrived home about 10 pm, as the guy next door and the couple upstairs were all outside talking (loudly) and obviously sloshed. I figured it would be a rowdy night ahead, but miraculously an hour later I don’t hear a thing. I hope they’ve all passed out for the night.

I started this blog tonight and will pick it up tomorrow. It’s much easier to type it as it moves along than to try to remember what happened.

Thursday, 7/29
Jeanne was off work today so we spent the day at Costco and other stores, shopping for the last minute food items for the shower. I brought my ingredients home and am now making tons of little meatballs in a chili sauce/grape jelly sauce. Many of you will remember this old standby – it always went over big when I served it and I’m hoping the magic will be there still. Tomorrow morning I’m doing a cream cheese ring topped with chili sauce and crab meat. I haven’t made the meatballs in years, and Bill always wanted to help. He was great in the kitchen and minced the onions much finer than I would have had the patience to do it. We always got along great while cooking and traveling – otherwise we had a tough time which was probably the fault of both of us.

I went to the Urgent Care center this morning promptly when they opened. The doctor I hoped to see wasn’t on duty today, but the one who was there was equal if not better. He took lots of time to chat with me, including talking about my difficulty in finding a doctor since I’ve been traveling. He wrote out a paper with the name of a local doctor who he thought I would like. He understood completely that I needed someone to call “my doctor” even though I was not living in any one area most of the time, so I think he must feel the recommended doctor will be the same.

I came out of the Center walking on a cloud, as if a great weight had been lifted. They drew blood for numerous tests, including a metabolic panel and others I can’t remember. I should get the results by tomorrow evening or over the weekend. The Urgent Care Center is open 24/7, so I can call them to find out the results if I haven’t heard anything by late tomorrow.

It is ironic that although I am bone tired this evening and will be even more so in the next 24 hours, I feel great! It’s a matter of having a purpose and being enthused about something. It probably has a lot to do with looking forward to finding a doctor who I trust to diagnose what has been causing me problems, and then helping to fix it. I must have been in quite a fog lately, because several readers have recommended seeing a doctor but I still wasn’t convinced. It took my R.N. sister (Julie) telling me in no uncertain terms what I should do. I’m 18 years older than Julie and I normally don’t take telling what to do from many people, much less my siblings, but for some reason all the voices came together and I’m glad I was able to listen. So I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

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7 Responses to Baby shower this weekend

  1. I'm so glad you finally went to the doctor. Even if all he says is – everything is good, it's so wonderful to have that done. Jim saw his heart doctor yesterday and was told his heart is doing better this year than last year. YEA. I love meatballs in the sauce. I also do hot dogs in the same sauce and love those too.

  2. Great decision to see a doctor and get some blood tests done, Gypsy. At least now, if you do require some medications(don't we all?), you'll get the right stuff!Those meatballs sound terrific – I've never heard of grape jelly combined with chili sauce!

  3. 'bout time you broke down and went to see the professionals. šŸ™‚ Hope you're on the mend soon.

  4. Glad you decided to go to the Doctor. It usually lifts a large weight off our shoulders. Have a good time at the shower. I am missing one back home this week end.

  5. Roadrunner says:

    Glad you went to see the Doctor. I know you will feel better, just knowing!Never heard of meatballs with jelly/chili sauce.

  6. Count me in on the meatballs, I can't make um worth a hoot! Congrats on the good Dr visit.

  7. Susan says:

    I'm also glad you made it to the doctor.I use BBQ sauce and grape jelly when I do meatballs (from Costco) in a crock pot for potlucks. Never tried the chili sauce though.

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