I watched the little girls this morning while Donald took Jeannie in for a couple of medical tests. They were just about perfect and I had a lot of fun with them. Little 1 yr old Arianna has learned how to spit, and she does a fine job of it. We were out on the front porch and I saw her in that toddler stance, legs apart, and she leaned half way over (not all that far for a toddler) and spit a couple of times on the concrete. Then she leaned over even further and smeared it around with her fingers. Then did the whole thing all over again. I don’t know who taught her how to spit, but she is really good at it – not something you expect to see from a one year old though.

Tomorrow morning Autumn has a medical appointment, so I will be watching Arianna again for a couple of hours. She wears me out but keeps me from getting too old at the same time. Wonder what she will come up with next?

September will be here before you know it, and I had planned to leave for NY sometime after the first week in Sep. I am reconsidering that trip now as I don’t want to go across country having to rely on public showers, restrooms, and/or motels. October will be getting too cold along the route I want to take, so I think I will just wait until maybe March next year. I will just have to pay a month on the lease that I won’t be here for, but it will be worth it to gain my freedom back.

I still have hopes the 5th wheel will sell, but if it doesn’t then it looks like I’m stuck with it! I had really hoped to be able to go places that I can’t go with that big RV, but I’ll just deal with what I have to. And as every RVer is fond of saying, plans are written in ??? In the meantime I wouldn’t trade for all the world the fun I’m having getting to be around the grandchildren here, but I sure do miss those boys in NY and can’t wait to see them.

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7 Responses to Babysitting

  1. I have an idea that little Arianna is going to grow up to be the "spittin' image" of her Grandma Gypsy!!

  2. Sometimes the best laid plans of mice, men & RV'ers just go astray & that's the way it is. The Autumn is rushing towards us like a speeding freight train alright. If no traveling in the Fall, then maybe the Spring:))

  3. Sandra says:

    My nephew did the spitting thing when he was little too-we realized it was because he was watching baseball on TV!Your 5th wheel will sell, just takes time!

  4. pidge says:

    Is your fifth wheel on line?Your grand daughter sounds like a chip off the old block. I think you are making a sound decission about the traveling, but wish you could go. I know thats where your heart is.

  5. I remember teaching my kids to spit, but they were a little older than that. The boys thought it was so cool that I could teach them that. :)Sure hope your rig sells soon.

  6. I looked up you 5er on line, and it looks very nice in the presentation online.I can't imagine why is wouldn't sell. Hitchhiker is a prominent brand, but is more recognizable here in the midwest. We know how well they are made in Kansas, and perhaps that doesn't transfer to California. But remember, for every deal there is always someone!Rod

  7. Roadrunner says:

    I wish you luck on selling your rig. I do know there are so many out there for sale, it would be hard to sell one right now. There are five parked across the street from me, and one big fifth wheel right here in the park next to me. I still think you should just get in it and go! You might not get another chance!

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