New Printer

I forgot to mention that I bought a printer a couple of days ago. I got it at Staples, and probably paid $10 or $15 more than I anticipated, but it’s what I want. I would still like to have an all-in-one that scans, copies and prints, but unless I get a refurbished model, the newer ones have too many gadgets on them that I don’t want.

I got a Brother Model HL-2140, to replace the HL-2040 that was jammed. It is a laser printer, B&W, and very fast. There are rare times when I might like to print something in color, but they don’t warrant the extra cost – at least for me. I just hope this printer will be as easy to set up, install, and use as the last one.

Ok, it is now all installed. I would say it was a bit more complicated than the old Brother printer, but in reality I know I’m just getting older and have less patience for installing anything. I want to turn it on and use it, right now! I thought I had followed the instructions implicitly, and printed a couple of test pages that came out fine, but when I tried to print a 2-page document I got a message saying the “back door open-printer offline”. Duh, the test pages wouldn’t have printed if a door was open. I went over the installation screens again and found one little item I had neglected to click on, then rebooted the computer, turned off and unplugged the printer, and then turned it all back on. IT WORKED!

Thanks to all who have commented on my recent case of the blues. It is probably hitch-itch for the most part. Maybe after my new grandson is born I will spend a few days camping somewhere quiet and peaceful. That should renew my spirit, at least until I have to return to the city.

I have spent much of the morning researching remodeling jobs in RV’s, specifically flooring and computer workstations. If I have to go back into my 5th wheel I definitely don’t want carpeting, and I figure I might as well tear out the E Center and replace it with a computer desk. I thought about that when I was living in the 5ver but held off tearing out the very nice cabinetry of the E Center, thinking if I ever wanted to sell the RV most buyers would want a place to put a TV. Well having the beautiful E Center certainly hasn’t sold the RV after nearly 3 months on the market, but I still have one month to go.

I am so aggravated with myself for waiting too long to lease a MiFi, and it is no longer available. 3G Stores had offered the MiFi for a reasonable cost, but you leased it from a company (other than Verizon), and approx. $10-15/month cheaper. You signed no contract, but if you canceled the lease within two years you were required to return the equipment. Why oh why did I think I would wait until my contract with AT&T had expired so I wouldn’t have to pay an early termination fee. 3G Stores now says that the company couldn’t keep up with demand, plus Verizon was unhappy about it as they would rather get the extra money on a contract. I think the 2nd part of the explanation is the real story.

So now I will have to pay Verizon more and sign a 2-year contract if I decide to get the MiFi. I have about 4 months to go on the AT&T contract and I don’t know if I can make it. I have so much trouble with it, which is partly to do with where I live, but that isn’t a good excuse in my mind. AT&T service is simply awful, and I’m not sold on Sprint for traveling all over the US. Plus Sprint devices are made by Sierra Wireless, which what my AT&T aircard is. I used to get the little AT&T Communications screen which was much nicer than this Sierra Wireless thing, so I want to avoid it the next time.

I have to ask myself if I really want an internet device at all, or whether I could get by with WiFi where available. These techno conveniences get you to thinking you can’t live without them, whereas in fact you did live without them for the biggest part of your life (mine, anyway), and lived just fine.

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11 Responses to New Printer

  1. pidge says:

    You will have to decide what you can or can't live without, but I have been full-timing for over 3 years and have always been fine with wifi. Granted, sometimes I would have to take my laptop to the office, but most of the time I get very good service in the RV. Most of the campgrounds now have updated their service because that is what people want.Where you do your work-camping may be a problem for you though.I am definately leaving ATT. I hated their air card. Could not get it to work most places, and then when I turned it back in, within my alloted time, they still charged me 150.00 seperation charge.I am also fed up with their phone service. I have been roaming ever since we got here in Wyoming.

  2. We have tried many different options on connecting to the Internet while on the road. What it came down to is we can live with WiFi. Sure there are places that you wont be able to connect and that's perfectly healthy! Unless of course you are trying to run a business from the computer, it's nice to be able to turn the darn thing off once in awhile and just enjoy the nature around you. So our opinion and advice to you would be go with WiFi. :)Glad to hear you got your printer up and running. Hope today was a brighter day for you! :)Cheers,The Freely Living Life Family

  3. smdrm says:

    We have a Verison air card for those times when campground wi-fi is not acceptable or working. About 3/4's of the time, we're using the air card. Campground wi-fi is too sloooowww or it just doesn't exist in all parts of the campground. We watch little or no tv, so our computers are our entertainment, even if we're sitting outside, and our way of keeping in touch with our family and friends. Only you can decide what your needs and wants are. You can always try going without an air card once your contract expires and if you find you want it after all, you can do another contract.

  4. Margie M. says:

    Glad you were able to get a printer that you are comfortable with. There are usually so many choices in all of the techie thingsthat it can be overwhelming. Nice work getting it up and running!

  5. Good job on getting your printer installed and operating Gypsy! That Brother laser should be all you need for 95% of your printing.Not too sure what to say about the aircard except I know for sure I wouldn't want to be without one when traveling as the free wifi in campgrounds is so spotty.

  6. Switch to Verizon, and for most locations your troubles go away. During our three week stay in Colorado, we were never without a connection. It was iffy and slow when we were at the Blue Mesa Lake, but we were 11 miles out in the country away from Gunnison. Again, the National Parks are not going to have coverage by anyone. When we were in Mesa Verde, our cell phones did not have service nor did our air card. We didn't camp there, but rather back in Cortez where these things worked.

  7. I would say we could not function as we do without an air card. we are as content as reasonably possible with Verizon and their coverage. We have had WiFi for the last few weeks and that is nice. but it is always nice to know that we can fall back on the air card when WiFi is not available for free. If a fee is required, we simply use the air card with a router for both of us to be online at the same time.

  8. Well Gypsy, if I was on my own I would probably be in the same technical quandry as you are. Fortunately for the Bayfield Bunch we have Kelly. Internet is important for us because Kelly does all the reservations, etc for Deer Park Lodge while we are in the southwest. We went with a satellite system our first year out but found that too problematic & frustrating. Since the day we signed up for a Verizon Air Card in Silver City New Mexico we have never looked back. We were on-line when we walked out of that store, we were on-line all the way back to our campsite at City Of Rocks State Park & we were still on-line when we got there. We truly were happy campers:)) We have since added a Wilson antennae which helped boost our signal while boondocking in Borrego Springs last year too. Kelly looks after all the techno stuff & I know how to unhook the car……..:))

  9. I've had a Sprint air card for close to four years, and have been pretty happy with it. There have only been two places in my "in the middle of no where" travels that I haven't had coverage. I spent the first year on the road without one and was really out of the loop. Wifi is fine, but not many state parks and wildlife refuges have it.I also bought a printer a couple of weeks ago, and have avoided trying to get it set up. Maybe when I get to Malheur I'll give it a go. 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    I was reading "Rick and Paulette's RV Travel" blog this morning, and Rick has a great downloadable book of "tips and techniques" where he goes into the options for WiFi, etc. – it's very clear and understandable. I downloaded and saved the book for future use. Chapter 4 has info that might be helpful."Chapter 4. WiFi, Air Cards & Broadband Router" You might want to check it out.You seem to be perking up a bit 🙂 that's good!Barbara

  11. Susan says:

    Hooray! Glad you got the printer working without too much frustration. I was looking for a smaller one but decided I can wait.

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