Costco; dog behavior

I was there at 10:00 a.m. when they opened, to renew my membership. I got the dates mixed up as it wasn’t due until Nov. 1, but I went ahead and paid another year. Specifically went to get Biotin, a supplement I take to keep my hair and nails healthy, and found they don’t carry it, at least for now. Their stock items are always changing. Other than that I wanted to get their Spicy Artichoke-Jalapeno dip, which is really dynamite. It comes in a pretty big container so I will have to find someone to share it with. I got a 40# bag of dog food, and I’m glad my arms are getting stronger!

I browsed the books and found a couple I nearly put into the cart until I remembered I can’t read very well :~( One book was about dogs and covers the pack mentality, etc. I was intrigued to read a short paragraph, “What do dogs really want?”, and found the answer to be “They want to be with other dogs.” That made me feel really sad because I’m sure Lady would like to be around other dogs once in a while, but I don’t trust her enough to bother with it.

She is a dominant female but gets along with most, but not all, male dogs. Some females are ok as long as they aren’t extremely dominant; I have seen the result of a couple of fights with the dog next door to us in NC. The dogs that came to visit the neighbors were all intimidated by their dog, so I know it wasn’t just Lady.

She has a particular problem as well with small yappy dogs, whose best defense is a good offense. They start posturing, barking, and challenging, and Lady is ready to react. So apologies to all those with little dogs (probably most RVers), but I keep my big girl away from them. Lady was about 2 years old when I got her so I don’t know anything about her early life or training or experiences, and I don’t take any chances. I see her look longingly at big male german shepherds and wish I could socialize her, but at this stage it isn’t likely to happen in our present situation. Back in the mountains, she found a huge black lab who lived up the mountain, and when he came down to find her I could never get her back home until she decided to return.
If and when my eyes improve I am going back to find that book!

I bought two bottles of Gewurztraminer wine, and the eyes didn’t even have to look to be able to open up one of those bottles. I’m enjoying a glass now. And I bought a pair of tights that are really pretty, made in USA, and comfortable. I don’t think I would be happy with mid-rise tights, especially if I want to use them for exercising. Can anyone tell me why they make any women’s pants in mid-rise?

It’s 99F at 4:30 pm, so it’s a good bet it will top the century mark today. I am really tired of this weather.

Tomorrow my darling granddaughter, Ara, turns 21! I didn’t give her too much advice (just a little) about drinking too much. What kind of a celebration is it to get so hammered you spend a big part of the evening throwing up and feel like hell the next day. I’ll never understand it.

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10 Responses to Costco; dog behavior

  1. Vera says:

    Gypsy, I can tell you why they make women's pants in mid-rise…. for ME!!!, I have a fairly big waist and very little behind, so in a normal pant when the waist fits the bottom just flabbs and if the bottom fits, the waist kills me. So there you have it, you found your answer ☺Hope your granddaughter gets through her birthday party in good shape.

  2. I always wonder about these folks who write books telling us "what dogs really want"? I really want to know how they really know what dogs want? Did any dogs actually tell them? My dogs like other dogs and love going to the dog park. However, I think they really like just being around Paulette and me. That's what I think dogs really want – just to be with their owners.

  3. Margie M. says:

    Happy Birthday to Ara!Our Annie is a very gentle dog, but she isn't thrilled being around other dogs very much. She wasn't socialized very well by us, I guess, but when she was a puppy my MIL's dog attacked her a couple of times and it scared the crap out of her to the point she didn't want to be around other dogs. We never had a dog park in our area either. So, we pretty much keep her with us and we are her comfort zone now. Not much we can do about it now since she is old and cranky. 🙂

  4. I find endless pleasure every day in watching our 3 dogs interacting with each other. They all have their individualpersonalities….or should that be doganalities. I agree with Rick. We human's are part of the dog pack to them. Kelly & I are the Alpha male & female dogs & leaders. We are all happy with that arrangement & we all get along super well. After all, we are……. The Bayfield Bunch:))

  5. I have to make Whiskey's food now. She needs a low protein diet and doesn't like the stuff the vet sells.She always wants to go see other dogs, but once she gets up to them she sniffs them and then just ignores them. She'd rather have the attention from the other dog owners!I like the mid rise pants, I find them more comfy than high rise.Hope you have a great day!Kevin and

  6. I think just like kids there is a lot to be said about how a dogs formative years are,we took Rigg's to the Doggie park starting when he was about 4 months old and just a little guy, he always was curious of other dogs even twice his size, never showed fear. Now he has licks and smells for all the other dog's just once has he been aggressive toward another dog and that was after that dog harassed and bit him, I was glad he defended himself and chased the aggressor off.I believe it's what they get used to growing up, plus Lab's have a congenial streak most of the time anyway. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. The only thing I remember about my 21st birthday is hanging onto a lamp post and refusing to let go. Hope your granddaughter remembers more of hers.Neither of our girls like to be with other dogs so I'm not sure what that book is talking about. We did get the second one about two years after the first one so they would have company. But they prefer Jim and I to each other. I think dogs just want to be loved and fed.

  8. Yup, Gypsy, you are Lady's *pack* and she is happy to have you for a leader. Plus you furnish her with good food, water, pats and a good place to sleep. What more could a dog want?~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Karen and Steve(Our Blog) RVing: Small House… BIG Backyard

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes Gypsy mid- rise pants are for women like me with no waist line. They sit on your hips. Normal pants choke off my stomach and are very uncomfortable. Like Vera if they fit in the bum then they are to tight in the stomach area and vise versa. Our Dog Meg has been a farm dog for 8 years and it is going to be very interesting to see how she is going to react to traveling with us for the first time this winter. She always stayed home with the house sitter, but since we don't have a house anymore well she is coming with.Take Care GypsyBrenda Brown

  10. pidge says:

    I also find mid-rise pants comfortable. We always had more than one dog at the stix and brix, so I guess they entertained each other, but both always liked being with us more than each other.Stay safe.

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