More generator talk

If you can take another few remarks about my generator purchase yesterday, I would first say how relieved I am that common sense won out over whatever the female version of “macho” is, and that I bought the cute little model! I was really hurting by yesterday evening, all night, and into this morning, just from picking the larger one up! I’m fine now after stretching this morning and drinking the protein shake. (That stuff is wonderful – I must have been totally depleted of the protein I needed, but it seems to work fast.)

I should have asked yesterday if there was a remote starter available for the genny. However, in looking online this morning it seems that the remote system is available for generators about 2 steps up from mine, so I will just have to pull the cord to start it up. This is really comical to me as I normally don’t have anything to do with remotes and here I am thinking about how nice it would be to have one. It wouldn’t truly be like using a remote, but more like what I had in the 5th wheel which was a switch inside the rig to start the genny – I could also start it from a switch outside at the unit itself.

As for remotes, you guys reading this can go on all you like about how wonderful and necessary remotes are. You are forgetting that guys almost always hold the remotes, and that includes husbands, sons, and boyfriends. So I just got used to the fact that I never had control of the remote, and when I was by myself I could never find it – usually hidden deep down under a cushion where it would be available when the guy wanted it. I actually don’t mind being remote-less – they have way too many buttons with symbols that make no sense to me. But then I don’t need them for the few electronics I use – computer, printer, etc., don’t even come with a remote that I’m aware of.

An advantage to the inverter generator that I bought is that it is safer when powering sensitive electronics. Now I don’t understand much about inverters or converters, as much as I’ve tried to wrap my brain around it. I just know that somehow the power is converted from alternating current to direct current, and back again, and that my computer and MiFi should be safe, as well as any other such electronics – including a TV if I should ever get one. If I decide to add a solar system as I’d really like to do, I’ll have to learn more inverter/converter-speak, but for now I just want to know that I won’t fry my computer.

I had a talk with the apartment manager this morning about my parking space while I’m gone, and he assured me that it is assigned to my apartment and that there won’t be any problem when I return from my travels. We also discussed the possibility of my being on the road when the lease expires, and he said he can do a 90-day lease as many times as I need one, and that if I’m not here at the time we can do it via fax. So that leaves my mind at ease about that potential problem.

I’m nearly ready to roll.

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12 Responses to More generator talk

  1. Dixxe says:

    Looks like you made a good choice! Northern Tool has a great starter solar kit–I am like you I really want to know more about solar-it seems a mystery to me, but in an RV I think most have about 3 panels on top, then it goes to deep cell batteries and then that goes to an inverter and then finally to power outlets–Sounds simple-but im like you until I personally see it all set up I dont understand how it works!

  2. Vera says:

    I am sure that a Solar company will install the system for you. I don't understand any of that either but once it is installed there is no problem using it. For us it's the only way to go with a generator as stand-by for the days when the sun is not powerful enough to fill the batteries.

  3. gumo says:

    Be sure to invest in a quality chain and lock for your Honda. They have a tendency to walk off easily when you least expect it. Also, make sure your name is on it. Also, you may want to use a permanent marker and make some big stripes or marks on it to make sure it is unique so that a thief might think twice about grabbing it.

  4. Is there some way to add a remote start(switch) to your generator so you can flip a switch and it starts? I don't have much luck with rope start equipment.

  5. Roadrunner says:

    Looks just like mine! It is easy to start after the first time. Just make sure it has oil in it! I have a bicycle chain and lock on mine, and chain it to my steps, sorta under and behind them out of sight.

  6. Great choice on the little Honda. If ever you need more power you can hook two of them together. Easier than lugging around a larger one.Oh, Boy, this waiting to hear about your truck camper, I am getting impatient, as I am sure you are, too.Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  7. Phil says:

    You didn't tell us the most important fact: Will it power your blender to make your morning protein shake?I once had a lawnmower with a unique starter. It had a crank, whick wound a very powerful spring. When it was fully cranked, you returned the crank to its stored position, which caused the spring to release and turn the engine to start it. You could take all the time you wanted to crank it, unlike rope starting, which requires a strong pull at a pretty fast motion.

  8. Dixxe has the solar system down fairly well, but she left out the charge controller that is inbetween the solar panels and the batteries. Otherwise the panels would cook the batteries until they had no water and ruin them. This is a very integral piece and is somewhat expensive. But the better one you have the better the charge you get in your expensive batteries. Always a catch 22 isn't there.

  9. We are coming into our 4th year of using solar power on our Snow Bird trips & I still know very little about how it all works. I just know that it works. We can sometimes get too teched out about stuff & forget the simple stuff. I don't really care how a car engine works. I just get in & drive the car. Honda has always been a quality name & I've heard their generators are second to none. Good choice.

  10. I've also heard about those generators dissapearing, but I'm too pooped tonight to comment on anything else. 😦

  11. Jessica says:

    Haha – Harry and I must be not the norm – because I usually am the one holding the remote! I'm not a control freak – really!!! 🙂

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