A surprise!

Yesterday evening Jeannie called and asked if I wanted to come over for supper and then go walking at Mather Field. I didn’t have to think twice about it and said yes, especially when she said she would pick me up. When I walked in their front door I got the surprise of my life – my son from NY flew in for a few days with his two boys. We have a few birthdays in November and they came to help celebrate, as Mike was able to get a several days off work. All of my CA kids were there also with their families, and it got to be very noisy! Every single one of them, plus my youngest sister and my niece, knew about this but they all kept it from me.

Today I got my hair cut and then stopped by Jeanne’s on my way home. They said Mike would be there with the boys any minute, so I just stayed the rest of the day. While out in the front yard with the 3 older kids, the boys were fascinated with my truck and wanted to get into it. Then they wanted to be seat-belted in, then “get the key Grandma so we can move forward a little”, then “close the doors Grandma, we’re going to lock it”. They thought they could lock me out and drive away, obviously.

Josh must have pushed and pulled every dial and button on the entire dashboard, because halfway home I noticed a light was lit – had to get my glasses to see what it was. He had put it into 4WD for me! That’s a boy for ya, and boys of all ages love motors and gadgets!

The guys are going someplace on their own for breakfast tomorrow morning, and then we’ll probably hang out the rest of the day. On Monday we’re all going to a photographer and have family pictures taken. The last time we did that was about a month before Bill died. Hope I can last for quite a few more photo sessions with them. The happiness of the event is somewhat tempered by the fact that we will be missing Mike’s wife, Sandy, and granddaughter Ara.

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13 Responses to A surprise!

  1. Vera says:

    What a nice surprise! I guess your hair will wait another few days ☺. Treasure every moment with them. I love to have our daughter here. Too bad she goes back tomorrow.

  2. What a great surprise Gypsy & how thoughtfull of the kids to all get together for you like that. Great pics of the little ones in the truck.

  3. How fun. Those are the kinds of surprises that we like to get.

  4. That sounds like a great time!

  5. Doug & JoAnn says:

    What a wonderful surprise! How special it must be to have all of your family together! Enjoy!!

  6. Sandra says:

    What a great surprise for you! Looks like the little ones were enjoying the truck!

  7. Dizzy-Dick says:

    That surprise was like having all your favorite holidays rolled up and put into one day! Cherish the memory.

  8. Don't you just love surprises like this! Have lots of fun!

  9. pidge says:

    Beautiful grandkids. What a great surprise. Can't wait to see the family picture. Little boys are always amazed that Grandma can drive one of those big ole trucks.

  10. Leno says:

    Oh Gypsy, how lucky you are. What a neat surprise! Nothing like having the family all together. Enjoy every minute.

  11. Susan says:

    What a wonderful surprise. It must be great to have the majority of the family in one place. I hope that we can get together before you head south.

  12. Debbie Goode says:

    Yes, my little grandson is just like his Daddy. I think it actually causes them pain if they can't turn it, push it, twist it or take it apart….LOL. What a beautiful family…enjoy!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Isn't it wonderful to have a loving, caring family!!!!Donna Daniel

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