Today is g’daughter Alyssa’s 3rd birthday. Autumn asked her a couple of days ago what kind of cake she wanted and Alyssa replied, “A purple dress!” So here is Donald’s offering.

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6 Responses to Birthday

  1. I hope Alyssa got a real purple dress, too.That is a lovely cake, but maybe she wanted the real thing?How was Lady's stay with the Lab, I am sure she had a good time, but was pleased to be back with her "Mom"?Hopefully, a doctor can find out what is causing your not feeling well. Everybody needs more Vitamin D to ward off illnesses, and maybe some B would help, too.Happy Trails, Penny,

  2. What a great cake! He did a wonderful job, I'll bet she loved it.

  3. I'm a thinking you really need to get onto my daily breakfast routine. just might fix you up real darn good…..:)), my Video version:))

  4. Dizzy-Dick says:

    That cake is too pretty to eat.

  5. pidge says:

    Your SIL really does a great job on those cakes. Take care of yourself.

  6. Oh that cake is just wonderful! Every little girl dreams of something like that. How sweet—*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Karen and Steve(Our Blog) RVing: Small House… BIG Backyard

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