The countdown begins

Just 4 more wake-ups! I’ve been doing a little packing and rearranging, but I just know that not everything will fit into the Highlander. I have the important stuff – the dog’s space, food, etc., ready to go though.

I had my final appointment with the cardiologist this morning, and I don’t think he was happy with me going back to CA. Also, I quit taking the blood pressure meds he prescribed and went back to my old ones, but dang, the pills he gave me made me dizzy all the time, and waves of nausea would come over me day and night. It is also when my blood pressure plummeted, so I don’t feel bad about quitting them. He did say I should have an MRI on my carotid artery, and a doppler something-or-other on my lower extremities. I might do that when I get back to CA, but I’d like to get off the medical roller coaster for a while. This would be so much easier to contend with if I could smoke a cigarette now and then, but I never did “now and then” – it was “all or nothing”.

I’ve been watching the weather channel, and there seems to be a lot of rain in the area I plan to travel next week, although it should have moved well to the east by then. Something else will probably come along and I suppose I will be facing the heat and/or rain for the trip. Better me than my granddaughter driving east. I need to remember to tell her not to use cruise control if it rains. I sometimes laugh at myself for all the little things I want to tell her, and which she is probably well aware of in the first place. I should just keep my mouth shut, but a fussy grandma is the price she has to pay for the AAA membership.

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7 Responses to The countdown begins

  1. What's your timeline for returning to California? Are you going to go slowly and smell the roses? I have a couch that converts to a bed if you're anywhere near I-80/I-90 in Indiana. 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    I prefer to think of it as 'caring grandmother' LOL!

  3. I think your granddaughter will secretly appreciate that you care so much about her safety:)

  4. By the time I have a grandchild old enough to drive, I'll be so old I won't be able to drive. Looking forward to traveling with you on your way back to CA. It's your body. You take care of it the way you want to. But NO cigarettes!!! Behave yourself girl.

  5. Jim and Dee says:

    I'm so excited for you. We're at the point now that we have 2 weeks to figure out where to go and what to do, if anything. Still hoping we pass each other and have a chance to meet. It's going to be fun following along with you going West. Have fun, safe travels.

  6. Well, the count down is on for another cross country adventure. Think how nice it will be not having to drag that great big trailer along behind you. Gas fill ups will now be a breeze, don't have to worry about low overheads, dumping tanks, hitching & unhitching, crowded RV Parks, etc. etc. As Ralph Kramden would say years ago in the 'Honeymooners', "oh how sweet it is".

  7. Carolyn says:

    I like the way you handle your medical stuff… great attitude. I'm homebound for the time being and look forward to traveling with you across country 😉

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