A bit of elation and disappointment

I have the transplant date set for Oct. 11. I hated to wait that long, but the Dr. is out most of September, so I don’t have a choice. While I was in his office yesterday he performed a small laser procedure that should help me see more clearly in my left eye. Cataract surgery encapsulates a new lens, and the area of encapsulation can often turn cloudy, thus requiring laser removal. I think I have that right. So I am elated to finally have a date set for the surgery.

I’ve been looking for an apartment/house, and visited a site I have looked at previously, featuring four cabins on an old ranch in the Gold Country. I didn’t go to look at them last time because it is so far from Sacramento, but yesterday afternoon decided to take Lady and go for a drive. I was absolutely enchanted with the scenery and terrain, and fell in love with the site of the cabins. I phoned the real estate company which handles the rentals and was told they were all occupied. The web site hadn’t been updated, and the agent was thankful that I pointed it out – by the time I got home the information had been corrected.

Even though I was disappointed I realized it is really too far away from Sacramento considering the required visits to the eye surgeon, as well as those to get the tests recommended by the cardiologist. I am looking for something at about half the distance but can’t find any rentals except at a large RV park in the area. I was put off by the age limitations for RV’s, depending on what type of rental and for how long. I had found a Class C that I might have considered except for the fact that it didn’t make the age limit. I think I’ll just hold off on the RV search and try to find a 6 month lease on a sticks & bricks rental.

I’m off to Monterey tomorrow, where the temps are at least 30 degrees cooler than in Sacramento – mid 60’s. I’m ready for that kind of weather, and have dug out long pants and shirts to wear. The birthday party will begin at about 12:30, and I plan to stay a few days visiting.

I only took one picture last weekend on the camping trip – just after setting up my tent. It was a nice level spot with trees that provided shade during a big part of the day, and right in the path of the moon traveling overhead during the night. As you can see, I didn’t put the rain fly on the tent, and I was able to go to sleep looking at the stars. The moon made it look like daylight during the time it was traveling over.

I took a couple of photos on my trip to Gold Country but was really disappointed. I used the digital camera, couldn’t see a thing in the crappy screen, and the pictures aren’t worth showing. I am soon going to buy a digital camera with a viewfinder.

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15 Responses to A bit of elation and disappointment

  1. Sandra says:

    Good luck finding a digital camera with a viewfinder unless you're planning on going with an SLR. I miss the viewfinder but I've pretty much gotten used to it now.

  2. LG61820 says:

    I envy you your tent camping. I bought a tent this spring, but it has only seen the living room when a grand set it up to play in. Maybe this fall. . .

  3. Sherry says:

    Your tent is darling and the camping site looks and sounds so wonderful. What a great description you gave.I too hate those LCD screens on digital cameras. I can't see a thing through them.But there are cameras with view finders. I had a Canon Powreshot 540 that I really liked but I got something on the lens and it cost more to repair it than to buy the newer model the 1200 I think it is. But I seriously considered getting another 540 used. I know a lot of people who have bought them and are very satisfied. Instead I'm trying out a Fugi FinePix which is a little bigger and heavier and has zillions of options including many versions of point and shoot and an 18X zoom. Several other camera makers have viewfinders so don't dispair.Sherrywww.directionofourdreams.blogspot.com

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I follow you now and then..saw your concern about cataract surgury..Joyce had one eye done in June..everything went very well..no pain..very easy…she can now see very well out of that eye..The other is now scheduled for 9/16…Just thought you might want to hear about it..Upriverdavid

  5. Merikay says:

    Most of the time I don't know if I got a decent picture until I see it on the computer screen. But when I stop and think about it I remember many envelopes of pictures that were developed and were very very disappointing! At least digital don't cost anything beyond the camera itself.

  6. Jeannie says:

    Canon makes a powershot with a viewfinder and so does Fuji. We have a Powershot SX20 IS. Love that viewfinder! What's with all these digital camera companies that aren't paying atttention to aging boomers with aging eyes!?

  7. Jeannie says:

    PS. Campgrounds/parks are not always rigid on the age requirement for rigs. If you have a well maintained rig, they don't fuss about it.

  8. Jim and Dee says:

    I have a great camera with view finder. Canon, power shot A1200 HD. I LOVE it. I can't see the screen either in the sun and seldom look at it, the viewfinder is perfect. Good luck.

  9. We also have a Canon SX201s the other good thing is it uses regular rechargeable AA's (4) and not some special order hard to replace battery. It's got a good zoom lens that is permanently mounted. I hope you can find one as the replacement sx30 has a proprietary battery. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  10. Ha Ha! I'm glad you couldn't go too long without posting. 🙂

  11. Suzy bought a Kodak digital maybe four years ago; it has a viewfinder, or optionally (and at greater battery expense) you can use the view screen. She really like it, and maybe there's still one available from Kodak. We left our Canon SLR home this trip, and I miss it, but not for the viewfinder. It's the only camera we have that I can focus on what I want to focus on!

  12. Rex says:

    These 2 sites can help you select a camera.dpreview.com reviews every type of camera made I think. There are forums you can read about the various cameras and lenses available.The other site is the-digital-picture.com and this guy reviews mostly Canon equipment. He is not bashful and will tell you if he thinks it is good or worthless. These 2 sites are very informative and a great learning tool. Be careful on the road.Rex

  13. Three of my 4 cameras have viewfinders. My newest Canon Powershot 210IS does not. Having worked with & without viewfinders I highly recommend a camera with a viewfinder for sure. I recently talked about why in a post awhile back. I would never buy a camera without a viewfinder again. Regarding your camping trip, I liked that idea of being able to see the nightsky with your tent flap open. I must have missed that post of yours. I just had to take a break from reading blogs for awhile. I think you, of all people I know out here will understand that……..

  14. Bill says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Bill says:

    Have you thought about renting or buying a Park Model RV? These offer about the same square feet as a 5th wheel but all on one level. Some have room additions or a large deck. We had one in Wisconsin and loved it but had to sell when we moved to Florida. Good luck!

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