Post surgery

Everything went well yesterday, although I was in enough pain I took strong narcotic pills afterwards and last night. They really helped and even made my hand feel better.

I went for the post op this morning and I can actually read letters on the eye chart with the eye just operated on. I noticed when I got up I could see more detail with that eye than I did a week or two after surgery last time.

I’m at home now and the doctor told me to be a couch potato the rest of this week. I need permission to do that and not feel guilty!

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24 Responses to Post surgery

  1. Good luck and take it easy.

  2. hobopals says:

    You have MY permission to be a couch potato. Don't want to ruin the surgery or fool around with eye sight. Get well, quickly. I have to go back to read what kind of surgery you had–age!

  3. Enjoy being a couch potato. It is great to be told to just relax!

  4. So exciting – it's behind you and the results sound great. Now don't look around at all the work that you want to get done. Obey your doctor and behave yourself. lol

  5. Let it be known to all who see present. Gypsy Has permission to be a couch potato for the period needed for a complete recovery.There now it's official.Don't feel guilty just enjoy it, Glad to see things are looking up for you. be safe out there, Sam & Donna….

  6. Dizzy-Dick says:

    So glad to hear that you are doing better than you expected. Our sight is a precious thing. Stay on the couch and relax, you earned it.

  7. Judy says:

    It isn't very often a doctor will tell you to be a couch potato so enjoy! So here's to this eye surgery healing up faster than the last one.

  8. Sometimes it's not easy being a couch potato, but you've been given your orders! I hope you follow them. πŸ™‚

  9. hobopals says:

    Cornea Transplant. Found out after some more pleasant reading on your blog. Please do rest until the doctor gives you the all clear.I've had a lot of problems with the lenses I chose for cataract surgery. My eye doctor told me the lenses she would choose if she were having cataract surgery were the ones that cost extra, but you never have to wear glasses. Bunk! Not only do I have to wear glasses for the computer, I can't read a book with our without the darn things.I went to another doctor, recently, who said he removes more of these types of lenses than he puts in and if a patient insists upon them, he tells them all the caveats and they generally opt for the lenses and reading glasses.The surgery, itself, was a breeze-no pain during or after.The problem is going to be whether insurance will cover taking old ones out and putting new ones in, and I already need a Yag (?) procedure in one eye. I can read a Kindle and see distance so I'm fine for now, but a warning to everyone–get a second opinion before putting lenses in that claim you will not need glasses. I wasn't aware that they even had such lenses and was fully prepared to live the rest of my life with reading glasses. Should have stuck to the game plan. Live and learn–the hard way.

  10. Teri says:

    Take it easy and listen to the doctor, so that you have a fast recovery.

  11. Sandra says:

    I'm glad to hear that this surgery was almost immediately successful. It will be hard to walk your dog when you're being a couch potato though. You need to find someone in your neighbourhood to do that for you.

  12. I'm so glad for you that it's over and was so successful. You've waited a long time; it must be such a relief. Now you can rest, recuperate and take care of yourself for a while.

  13. So glad to hear the great report. Congratulations!Now, just sit back and relax. Doctor's orders!!!Take care.

  14. TROUBLEnTX says:

    GREAT!! i had cataract surgery on both eyes and chose lens to use my glasses, since i had always worn them. Glad i did, now. When that urge to get up and paint hits you, call somebody, let them chew you out. lololol. Just stay, til u get other orders…So glad it went so good.

  15. Connie,Barry says:

    Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery – so glad your surgery went well – now just relax while you totally heal!!!

  16. Susan says:

    I'm so glad that you are doing so well. Absolutely be a couch potato, just rest and recoup. If you need anything give me a holler. I'm not that far away.

  17. Roadrunner says:

    Glad your surgery went well!

  18. You gave me heck about being too active, so lets see if you can just sit there and not do anything at all…. Anyway permission granted on the couch potato bit. I do think the first couple of weeks are the most critical, and I spent those in the hospital where they watched me like a hawk. So sit back and take it easy and watch that history channel LOL….

  19. Sherry says:

    So glad to hear your surgery went so well and the results seem to be good. Our eyes are so important. I know you will do just what the doctor ordered.

  20. Well, by the looks of all the comments, you have your marching orders for the week. My suggestion is to just be patient with yourself:))

  21. JoJo says:

    Sure happy to hear the surgery went so well. And you are going to follow orders. You have gotten so much done on your place you should be able to rest well for as long as the orders hold. πŸ™‚

  22. JoJo says:

    Sure happy to hear the surgery went so well. And you are going to follow orders. You have gotten so much done on your place you should be able to rest well for as long as the orders hold. πŸ™‚

  23. Anonymous says:

    Successful surgery is great news! Now just relax and behave as Dr. ordered and get well quickest – happy healing! LdB

  24. Anonymous says:

    So glad all went well. Take it easy and don't rush things!Donna

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