Day of rest

I did no real work today and just took it easy. Made a trip to the Post Office to mail a package, and of course there was a long line. The postal employees are fine but some people turn a little crazy this time of year – you know, the season of love, peace and goodwill and all that ****. From there I went to Costco and found unleaded gas at $3.41 which I haven’t seen for a while. I got my roll of film developed and had them put the images on a CD as well, but as usual, I can’t get it to work on the Mac. I’ll have to ask Donald to email me the pictures I want to keep online. I need to get my All in One Printer/Scanner hooked up so I can just scan them myself, but I also need to put new ink cartridges into the printer. The biggest problem is that I can’t read instructions for a few weeks at least.

I came back home and turned on my computer to find my gmail program out of control. They have a “new look”, which is another way of saying they have substituted meaningless icons for anything that was plain old English words. Archive, delete, move to, etc., now have icons that bear no relation to their meaning. I know that if you hold the mouse over the icon you can usually see a pop up, but why should I have to do that. I’ve tried to find an alternative program but have had no success. i don’t want yahoo, don’t think hotmail is compatible with the Mac, and Verizon webmail seems so confusing that I won’t even attempt it. My aim is to become Google-free over the next few months, if I can find a suitable email program, blog program, and primary search engine. I know I’ve talked about this before and have tried to find alternative programs, but this “new look” to an email program I dislike anyway is the last straw.

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16 Responses to Day of rest

  1. Too bad. I've had to search around for a few things on Google's new look, but I rather like it. I think they might eliminate the old format, so I started using the new one as soon as it was offered. I've gotten used to most of the icons after hovering over them a gazillion times. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm so not a fan of Google's new e-mail look. I was able to change back to the 'old' look (I think under settings, but no guarantee), but that will be temporary until they make us change. I thought the darn thing was cluttered and confusing. Just my opinion but I've used Yahoo for years and do like it. To me it seems a whole lot more user friendly than Google, but most folks that use Google seem to love it.Best wishes, Peggy

  3. Sandra says:

    I use hotmail as one of my email accounts. Works fine on a Mac.

  4. I have a macbook pro and I use the mac email program and collect my gmail right there in that program-I never go to google to get it …dont' even think I'd know how…glad to see you rested some today

  5. I never liked the look of G-mail, so I use Microsoft's Outlook. My mail also goes into my free AOL e-mail account, which I like, too.

  6. I'm like Judy. I've gotten used to the new look of g-mail and it works just fine for me. But it took some time for me to make the change over.

  7. GMF says:

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  8. GMF says:

    I don't care for the new look either. You can switch back to the old look easily under settings. However that seems temporary as they seem intent on the change. IO have tried most everything and find Gmail superior to anything else. I go back to 110 baud dial up and find Gmail far better than anything I've ever used. If you don't like the look they support every protocol so you can use any Email program to read your email as well as reply or send

  9. pidge says:

    I think we all deserve a day of rest sometime. I am taking the whole day to get my Christmas cards addressed and sent. I used to chrochet snow flakes every year to send to everyone, but quit that a few years ago. My hands would ache for weeks after doing all that tiny work. I ran into the same problem at the Post Office. I guess it will only get worse.

  10. JoJo says:

    Its good to take a day off. I had to go to the post office the other day and yes it was packed. But they opened another window just for money orders and stamp buying. Was out of there in no time.I use Yahoo I find it ok and the new look is workable once I realized it was going to be the new thing and I better figure it out. 😦 Good luck finding what you works best for you.

  11. Ever since we lost our tried and true Outlook Express after moving up to Windows 7 our whole emailing world has been a shambles. I don't like any of the other email programs out here. We do have Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail and are stuck with them. At least Outlook never had crappy advertising!! I've been using the newer Gmail for awhile and was able to change the look of it to a Planets theme. At least that helped a bit but I do find the icons irritating when simple words just make things, well….more simple. I do like Google Earth and the Google search engine as well as their Picasa photo editing program. From what I've seen of their much touted Google+ it doesn't look like the socially hyped direction I have any interest in going.

  12. ntar827 says:

    An easy email program is SYLPHEED. It is free.

  13. ntar827 says:

    That should have been SLYPHEED.

  14. hobopals says:

    It's just one more case of fixing what isn't broke. I manage to use gmail, but I also use the mail program on my Macbook Pro.I've tried hotmail. I just settled in on gmail. I don't like the new look, either, but have become accustomed to it.

  15. TROUBLEnTX says:

    Just pick the one YOU like best,,lol. And you need a day of rest. Maybe 2,,,lol Then you can come back roaring!

  16. Shadowmoss says:

    Another free email program is And another one yet is zoho has all kinds of different programs and calendars and project management programs, but you can just use the mail one if you want. I've had email addresses at each for a couple of years now. I wanted to reserve my email address name in case I lost my gmail one. I do believe in keeping other options in the marketplace.

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