Will I ever learn?

I am forever misplacing my glasses. I need them for reading, but I find myself forgetting to take them off when I walk about, and when I realize I am still wearing them, I set them in the nearest suitable place.

When I was a young girl I worked in an office with three unmarried middle-aged women. They were wonderful to me, and were like beloved aunts. Each wore a chain around her neck which held her reading glasses, so when she took the glasses off she wouldn’t lose or misplace them. It was a symbol of old age to me then, and to this day I don’t like the thought of buying one of those chains. I am way past middle age, however, and I really need one, so I wonder if I could wear a chain to hold my glasses, and quickly take it off when someone comes to the door. It would be particularly helpful when grocery shopping as I now have to carry them around and am constantly putting them on to see what is on the shelves and to read labels, but taking them off to walk to the next item on my list. But what if someone I know sees me? What a dilemma!

Several people have suggested that I call Goodwill or some other such organization to pick up my old stove. Although it is over 20 years old, all four burners and the oven work just fine. But pride would demand that I clean it up really well if I expected to donate it. I have the top and front fairly clean and at least it is not sticky, but when Steve was here and pulled it out a bit to check the connections, I found the sides are covered with baked on animal fat that has dripped down. The sides of the stove are sticky beyond belief, and it will embarrass me to even pay someone to take it away, much less to expect someone to use it. I know I could spend a day cleaning it and it would still not be decent, and I don’t intend to spend a day trying to clean something I won’t ever use myself.

I’m out of bread again so it’s time for me to get out the ingredients and measuring cups and spoons. I didn’t mention it but the model of machine I am using is Toastmaster Bread and Butter Maker. Yes I could actually make my own butter in it, the paddle churning the cream, without the heating element of course. Can you imagine how many calories I would consume a day if I had fresh home-made bread AND butter? I use nothing but real butter as it is, but if I made it from scratch I’m sure I would use a lot more per slice. I ought to try it out as a small crock of flavored butter would make a nice gift. I like my butter just plain old salted organic, but I know others enjoy garlic flavored or other spices and flavors.

I have been noticing small problems with my laptop once in a while, and am afraid one of these days it isn’t going to power up. I still have another year on my extended warranty, but would hate to do without a computer for the week or so it would probably take to fix it. And what if it isn’t worth fixing? I sure can’t afford a new Mac laptop right now.

My driveway looks halfway decent now as I loaded all the remnants of flooring and a couple of small pieces of carpet into the dumpster that arrived at 8:00 am. The wooden pallet, bagged leaves, Yvonne’s satellite dish and a lot of other junk are tossed. Soon I will begin the junk collection again, as I will have the big cardboard box holding the electric range. The stove came double boxed, and Donald took the outer box home for the girls to play in and make a fort. Remember those days, when a refrigerator or other appliance carton was better than any toy?

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16 Responses to Will I ever learn?

  1. I always swore I'd never wear one of those chains either! I now have one pair of reading glasses, and another pair that are bifocals. That means I have the ability to misplace both pairs. Grrr…I hear you about the greasy stove.

  2. Vera says:

    Use a chain for your glasses…what does it matter what other people think. You are still you, chain or no chain. At least you don't get frustrated when you have replaced your glasses. I used one when I was only 40 years old; it made life a lot easier ☺

  3. I do not have a chain, but I have at least dour pair of reading glasses, so I can usually find a least one of them when I need them:)

  4. I actually tried one of those eyeglass chains, and didn't like the way it felt. The glasses were sticking out on my chest, they never seemed to lay flat – I don't know, it didn't work for me. Maybe I put the earpieces on wrong. Let us know if it works for you, maybe I'll try again.

  5. What people would think if they saw you with glasses hanging around your neck should be the last thing you have to worry about. They'll eventually be in the same boat thenselves one day anyhow.

  6. Dizzy-Dick says:

    Do what ever you want, and the heck with what anyone thinks. I have a good presciption pair, but I go to the Dollar Store and purchase a couple cheap reading glasses. That way I have at least three pair, so I can find one when I need it.

  7. I had one of those chains..and it kept turning my neck black..that was more embarrassing than actually wearing the chain..I'd be out trotting around the food store with black streaks around my neck..I often wonder how many people wanted to point me into the 'direction' of the soap isle….Now I wear them on my head…like a head band when they aren't on my face..Like you I don't need them all the time but if I need to read anything I do…and I also have to take them off to drive….so they make a great hair band when not on my eyes 🙂

  8. hobopals says:

    This was quite a few years ago, but I had AppleCare on my Mac laptop. Something went wrong (I forget the details, now) so I called. They determined it was something that needed to be fixed in the shop. They sent a DHL truck; it was here in an hour. The computer was back to me late the next day.Now, I notice that their service isn't quite as good these days, but it's better than most. Give them a call and tell them you're only going to be where you are for two days. Maybe they will accommodate you. Good luck.I usually flip my glasses up on my head, which is a bad habit because it stretches them, and I look for them every where but my head.I didn't like the chain around my neck, but I don't remember why. Ah…getting old…ain't it wonderful.

  9. TROUBLEnTX says:

    LMAOOO,,are you ASHAMED of wearing glasses? I've had to wear em since i was 14, didn't care what anybody thot,,I COULD SEE. My Mom was the same way as you, tho. God forbid anyone saw her with reading glasses on, and she was in her 70s. Right after i got mine, a boy in my English class told everybody the only reason i wore them, was to make me look better, hahahaha,,He was trying to be mean, but it came out wrong. He was my neighbor, been at our house all his life. I'm with Vera, tho.

  10. I was given a real gold glasses chain, but I don't like it. It makes them (the glasses) dangle when I lean over.Like others have said, I just stick them on my head like a head band when I walk. I can't loose them that way, and they are right handy.Places like the Salvation Army are used to getting greasy stoves, they hose them down with a degreaser in no time at all.Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX

  11. My Mom had a chain for her glasses and I hated it. And I still do. I think I'll just keep losing my glasses which I do all the time.

  12. My Mom had a chain for her glasses and I hated it. And I still do. I think I'll just keep losing my glasses which I do all the time.

  13. Merikay says:

    I need glasses to read, but not to see across the room. For years I had several pair of readers, but they were always where I was not. finially I go graduated lenses and just keep them on all of the time. They also get darker in the sun, so I don't have to have sun glasses too.

  14. To chain or not to chain. There are other cute eye glass holders besides chains. Start looking around and you will probably see them everywhere. But it really ends up being what ever you want, not what others think.

  15. GMF says:

    I know I sound like an add but just buy enough glasses to have them everywhere. I use Zenni optical the glasses start at less than 7.00 for single vision. Spare frames are 3.50. I know women that have bought close to 20 pair for fashion. I have computer glasses, progressive bifocals in auto darkening, yellow and clear for driving in different conditions. Just bought the wife computer glasses. Better quality than drug store reading glasses for about the same price. My local glasses cost me 475.00 so its good to have a second source even if they do come from China. Only real trick is getting a good PD measurement…

  16. Leno says:

    Oh my gosh I could never have a bread machine. Too dangerous for me, I love fresh bread too much!I am always losing my glasses also. I was just looking at one of those chains this week but didn't buy it.

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