Size of pictures

I notice that the pictures I scanned that were originally taken in the early 1990’s, are roughly from 300-500 KB, while the pictures from my digital camera are more like 1.4 MB. That is a big difference which probably explains the great disparity in quality. Can someone tell me if there is a way to save the early pictures at a higher quality? I don’t remember there being an option, but I think there is if I knew how to do it.

My g’daughter Ara came over this morning and we spent the day together. I love having lunch at La Bou restaurant, and for the 2nd time since she has been back for the holidays we went there to eat and talk. We gabbed all afternoon and she helped me hang the large needlepoint picture that is over my couch. I just love having her around and discussing the things that make us so alike although we are so many years apart in age. Our general perspective of the world is so similar, our political views are so alike, and most everything in between. I am grateful for her and the energy she exudes. It takes me back to my 20’s.

I had set a loaf of bread to finish baking about the time she would be arriving this morning, and we enjoyed bread slathered with butter along with our coffee. My coffee maker is definitely not working right, and I’m not really happy with the backup machine I have on hand, so tomorrow I will start using the Melitta system until I buy a new Mr. Coffee. I think the Melitta brewed coffee is the best I’ve ever tasted, but the only way you can keep it warm is to transfer it to a thermos.

I wonder if others have noticed they receive considerably more spam comments in the past month or so. I get them quite often, mostly just a few words plus a link, and today I received one that had quite a long message plus the link. The language was such poor English that I’m sure it came from the Balkans, which is where a lot of this stuff is coming from lately, according to what I’ve heard. At least Blogger catches it so it doesn’t get published.

Well, that’s been my day. Ara has offered to help me get back to painting, so I think I will do the prep work on the closet doors so she can start applying the primer. I’d like to get all those little tasks that I’ve left undone, before I start on the kitchen or the remainder of the living room. Little by little it’s coming together, and while I’d like to have everything completed yesterday, I think I can maintain my patience with it.

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15 Responses to Size of pictures

  1. Sandra says:

    You are very lucky to have such a wonderful granddaughter.

  2. I use my camera since it does better than the scanners I have seen.

  3. I find after scanning the older pictures I reopen them in Photoshop, Shave just the edges of the picture so that you have modified it without loosing too much. When you go to close out and the program asks you if you want to save the changes, click yes. Now it will show the quality level of the picture. It may show a low number or low or medium quality, but you can then increase the setting.As far as the spam I haven't been getting any but I've noticed in other peoples blogs and then our own there are an increasing number of Hyper-Links appearing throughout the post.It's about time.

  4. It's wonderful to be able to spend time with your granddaughter and keep that special bond going. No idea about the pictures. Good luck though.

  5. Biggest change in Spam I have noticed over the past year or so is that 98% of all the Spam crap we get is Oriental. Total garbage!!

  6. Carolyn says:

    I hope I live long enough to enjoy my little g'baby as you have yours. She's only 20 months old and I'm almost 69… sighAnd yes… I subscribe to the comments when I post to your blog and have received two spams.It also happened with Roxanne's blog. I guess the best thing is to not click the email follow up box until cleared up. Hers did.Wonder what they expect to gain by such… no one likes spam so how can they profit? lots of things I don't get and that's one of 'em…

  7. Luci & Loree says:

    Oh, i like the stove and your colors in the kitchen look so nice, very professional looking paint job, i must say!

  8. GMF says:

    GypsyUsually in your scanner program you can set the DPI(dots per inch) and in color the size can go way up into the megs. One tip on scanning is to scan at the highest resolution you can. You can always cut the picture pixels down but you can never really add any. Here is a good page on digitizing your pictures..

  9. Dizzy-Dick says:

    Like GMF says, there are settings on scanners where you can increase or decrease the dots per inch or resolution. This all should be in the program on your computer that you use with the scanner.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Amazon carries a selection of Thermos brand coffee carafes. The one we have is great. We make the coffee by simple melitta drip technique, preheat the carafe with hot water. There's a really good vacuum seal on the carafe, easy to pour, and coffee stays hot for hours!

  11. I don't know a thing about the pictures, I don't drink coffee, and about the only spam I have is what I eat for breakfast! Ha! 🙂

  12. How wonderful to spend such a good time with your granddaughter. Priceless! I second the comments on the carafe idea I have a simple stainless steel carafe from Walmart that holds the coffee hot for hours in the motorhome. I perk in an old glass pyrex coffee pot on the stove and transfer it to the carafe when done. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Karen and Steve(Our Blog) RVing: Small House… BIG Backyard

  13. judilyn says:

    We have used the Melitta system for decades, and find it much superior to any other method. It is so easy that we just drip a cup ad hoc when desired. No need to keep it warm in a vacuum bottle, although I have done that when there will be a need for more volume than just the cup for each of us.Lately, though, I have taken to "brewing" our separate cups (we use different coffee grinds) in a pre-heated, one-pint vacuum bottle for about four minutes, and then decanting through the Melitta filter as usual. Superb! Virtual hugs, Judie

  14. TROUBLEnTX says:

    My Black n Decker coffee maker/carafe all in one, timer, the whole she-bang. Walmart special, lolI've never had spam, except from SOME readers, glad i have the blocker. Would love to spend time with my g/dotter too, but they work on their house as much as they can.

  15. How fun to have a granddaughter who is so like you! I like Barney's idea of taking a new close-up photo of the old photo. That would make it larger and if it's still clear, it would be good to go. I did that for my photos in my phone – went around the house and took photos of the family pictures, then transferred them to the phone numbers on my phone so they'd come up when they called me. Worked out great.

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