Continuation, Germany 1992

I think I have solved the problem of quality with the scanned photos, so I will try a short post and include more pictures. I can only remember (and reognize) a few of the places we went, and the first is Neuschwanstein, King Ludwig’s castle. I believe the castle at Disneyland was modeled after the one in Germany. It is difficult to get a full-on photo of it, and these are scenes from the area. I may have some better castle pictures from my first trip, and if so, I will post them eventually.

Somewhere in Bavaria:

We visited Oberammergau, which is famous for the Passion Play that is presented every year in the weeks before Easter. Since there was nothing going on while we were there, we just walked through the building and looked into all the little rooms where costumes and equipment are stored – Roman centurions, Pontius Pilate, etc.

Nuremburg is my favorite city in all Germany. There is a charm about it that I love, and in the times I’ve been there I found the people to be super friendly. The bakeries were superior to any I’ve ever known, and when Joe kept asking me to go back into one of the bakeries to get a pastry or whatever it was he especially liked, I told him how to ask for it in German and then made him go get it himself. He was pretty proud of himself when he came out holding his purhase.

Of all the sites I’ve visited in the entire country, in all the cities, towns and villages I’ve been in, the place that impressed me most in the Church of San Lorenz in Nuremburg. At the times I’ve been there it was still in the process of reconstruction, having been leveled during WW II. Pictures and exhibits show all the stages of rebuilding. The one that impressed me the most is a photo of women, young and old, picking up stones and bricks from the ruins of the church. They were the ones who made it possible for the builders, stone masons, etc., to complete the reconstruction of this venerable old church. Most of the reconstruction used the original materials which were salvaged from the piles of rubble.

More to come for Gypsy and Joe on the road again, in Germany.

A bit later I tried to scan some more photos but very few of them were usable. I’m not sure why all the wavy colored lines all over the pictures, but I may end up buying a new inexpensive flatbed scanner in the near future. I don’t want anything fancy though, so that limits my options to just a couple of models.

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  1. Your photos are wonderful and sure make an interesting ongoing story for us! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Karen and Steve(Our Blog) RVing: Small House… BIG Backyard

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