Some changes to my blog

I’m tired of the spam comments – probably two for every post – so I’m going to activate the annoying word verification. I’m sorry, because I welcome valid comments and hate to set up obstacles to commenting, and if I still get the spam after a few weeks I will go back to no word verification. Blogger does a good job of catching them before they become visible to readers, but I don’t want to enable the idiots who send out this spam. I also changed a setting that allowed my blog to come up on a Google search – I don’t remember even selecting that one – but googling won’t lead to my blog any more.

I think one of the thinks I dislike most about television is the commercial advertising. Ads are even showing up on public television, and they aren’t just the “brought to you in part by the John & Marjorie Doe foundation”; now there are commercials from oil companies, in quiet, pious tones, telling us how they understand that the planet has to be protected and that they are doing their part to be green.

But today I saw the only commercial I don’t mind watching on any channel. I think it is for Subaru, and shows four dogs getting into the vehicle which is towing a large boat. They arrive at the lake and three passenger dogs hop out, watching while the driver dog expertly whips that thing around and backs the boat trailer to the ramp. The expression on the driver’s face is priceless. It makes me think that if I could have trained Lady to back up my 5th wheel into the camp site, I might still be RVing.

Speaking of Lady, I had to make a run to Petsmart where I dropped $100 on food, wet and dry, and glucosamine tabs. Those tablets cost double what mine cost, so this evening I thought I would see if she would take mine instead. I wrapped some wet food, chicken & duck grill, around it and tried to get her to take it from my hand, which she refused. I put it into the dish with her supper and I think she ate it, at least I hope she didn’t hide it behind the dish or elsewhere. Do any of you give your dogs people meds? The joint tablets contain just about the same ingredients, except mine aren’t liver flavored. I’ll see how it goes.

I painted 4 closet doors today and needed a nap! I notice spending even a short time painting I end up with a backache and knees that hurt. I’m determined to do a little each day to clean up the small touches and things left undone. I’m tired of living in the middle of what looks like a burglary!

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12 Responses to Some changes to my blog

  1. Dizzy-Dick says:

    A little at a time and you can get it all done and not wear yourself out.

  2. Our kids have not watched commercials in years. They record all shows and watch them as it suits them and they just fast forward thru all commercials.

  3. JOJO says:

    what do these spam jerks get out of this anyway? They need to get involved with life.Take it slow on the painting it will get done before you know it.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Yes the word verification is a bad thing. so far so good on my blog. I do receive spam stuff from other blogs when I check the email follow up box for comments… weirdSo, I quit checking that on several I follow… I do not understand how the spam folk make any money! everyone hates them… I would click on anything they send my way.What's in it for 'em! I dislike the local commercials where the people use their adorable kiddos to push their whatever… can't grab the remote fast enough….One car dealership has his grown sons on and they do the schtupidist stuff… barf

  5. Carolyn says:

    Well! I meant to add a not … word verification is NOT a bad thing..AND I would NOT clicksigh

  6. We have been so lucky with Rigg's he is the first dog i have ever owned that I didn't have to shove pills all the way down their throats. You just tell Rigg's it;s a treat and he will take a pill and chew it up and then get a drink out of his bowl.It's really amazing and came in handy when he had to take the medicine when he accidently ate the mouse poison.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna,,

  7. Totally hate television commericals. They are generally loud & obnoxious. I am totally convinced there are more commercials on CNN than news now. A few minutes of news & then a whole bank of commercials, a few minutes of news & then another bank of commercials. It just never stops!! And then there are those horribly stupid & phony infomercials……

  8. Sandra says:

    I gave our poodle my glucosamine sulphate for years. He did well on it.

  9. Sherry says:

    I use the word verification for the same reason you do. I may get fewer comments but I think most folks understand.The stupid commercials and the equally stupid programming is why I quit watching all TV. I'm so sorry to see that PBS with the constant cut in government funding has no choice but to take on sponsors. When you look at what the governments in this country spend our tax dollars on, it sure does show what our real values are no matter what we say.

  10. TROUBLEnTX says:

    I'm knocking on wood about spam, cause i use the same settings.Haven't seen that commercial, but one i love is about gieko?, the little green lizard. Watch it every time they come on. One he line dances, one he steps in wet cement.You're gonna get that painting finished, YET… lol,,

  11. Jim and Dee says:

    We tape everything so we seldom see commercials. There's several people at the park here that shares their glucosamine with their dogs. No problems. You should see the spam I get now that we live in Avon Park. I get stuff about AVON. lol Do a little painting at a time and you'll have it all done before long. I'm so glad your eyes are better. I read your blogs but haven't commented lately, thanks for posting.

  12. Phil says:

    Ten years ago my vet suggested I give my dog glucosmine chondrotine(??) for hip problems. Just buy the stuff you would use, he said.Regarding TV, I tivo anything I want to watch. I wait until the show has been going 20 minutes before starting to watch. That way I can skip through the commercials. I usually catch up by the end of the show.

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