No more work today

I’ve done all I plan to. I hung the four cabinet fronts which gave me a bit of trouble. I numbered them with a sharpie as I took them down, but I still screwed it up and found I had a couple of the handles on the lower portion, and a couple were at the top. So I had to take down two of them and reposition them correctly. I had also attached some of the hardware in reverse. Corrected that. I also had to switch hardware on a couple of the cabinets because they didn’t match the holes to attach them – the next time I guess I should number the hardware as well. You can see that some of the door catches are in need of replacing and won’t stay shut correctly. That’s a job for one of my sons.

I washed the big window, hung the screen – a major job in itself, got the mini blinds up and finally the curtain rod. I liked it much better with nothing at the windows, and just the light coming in to brighten the room. I can tolerate sheer or lace curtain panels, but nothing room-darkening for me. My daughter wondered about people being able to see in the windows. I’ve walked around this park, and can’t see in anyone’s house, and being that it’s a 55++ crowd living here, no one is moving around outside after 9 pm anyway. If I could live on a mountaintop I might consider a glass house!

Here are the cabinets across the front of the kitchen:

This is the big window:

And here is a shot of a wall and cabinets that haven’t yet been repainted. You can see a slight difference in the color of the walls – mine is a lighter shade and slightly more yellow:

Most striking to me in every room I’ve painted so far has been the ceiling. Covering over the darker paneling with white paint seems to open up the rooms and everything is so much brighter and cleaner looking.

I still don’t feel well at all, and wonder if I’ll ever be back to normal. I think I will see if my doctor will order some blood tests that I can have done at the UC Davis local clinic. I’m not driving downtown and paying an exorbitant amount for metered parking if I can help it. And I will never go back to the center with the parking garage! When I went to Lowe’s just about three miles away, I noticed a new building still under construction that will be a UC Davis Medical Center. I hope I can transfer to a doctor there – free parking right in front. I might be more amenable to going to the doctor if I could just drive close by and park in front of the building.

I sure need to get traveling so I have something different to write about, but I can’t even plan my route yet as the weather is so likely to change. The damage from the recent tornados is heartbreaking, and I hope calm and good weather comes to the Midwest soon.

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8 Responses to No more work today

  1. I think your kitchen looks so light and bright and cheery! I painted a kitchen yellow with white cabinets like that in one of my first rental houses— because I found yellow and white gingham checked curtains at a rummage sale and wanted the kitchen to match! LOL ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Karen and Steve(Our Blog) RVing: Small House… BIG Backyard

  2. I laughed when you talked about nobody outside after 9:00 p.m. because it's so true. But I think it's closer to 8:00 here in our park. I love the look of your cabinets and hardware. Light and bright works for me.

  3. Sherry says:

    You have done a LOT of work there. The cabinets look great! And I totally agree that I hate curtains or anything that blocks even the smallest amount of light. I used to hang my rods about a foot out on each side away from the window so I could pull the curtains completely off the windows during the day. At night, I didn't care since there was no sunlight so I closed them. Problem of folks looking in solved and plenty of light in the morning. I knew it wasn't kosher but I didn't care. It worked for me.

  4. That big window looks nice and bright and airy! Growing older certainly isn't for sissies. My back and neck have been plaguing me for many weeks now. Wish I could just ignore it. 😦

  5. JOJO says:

    Your trials with the hardware sounds like something that would happen to me. It really looks good. Its good you are listening to your body and quitting for awhile. You have come a long way since you moved in.

  6. Your hardware ker-fumbles sound just like the way I would do it. Seems no matter how careful I am I always get something mixed up….

  7. Carolyn says:

    Love the way it looks… as I've said before… my kind of colors..Sorry you're still not feeling good…bummer!

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