Hyde Park and the FDR Home & Museum

Lady and I left for Hyde Park at about 9:30 this morning. It was a nice drive along the Albany Post Road, and the traffic wasn’t bad even through Poughkeepsie. It is about 20 miles from here, so we arrived at a very good time. I hit the Visitors’ Center and stamped my passport book first, then spent some money in no time on a few items in the shop. They have so much there I think I could spend several months’ retirement money in no time at all. I got myself a t-shirt, a guidebook of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, and a couple of books for the kids. This is the V.C.

I presented my American the Beautiful senior pass and got free admission to the Home Tour & Museum. On the way to the home we stopped at the Rose Garden (no roses blooming yet) and Presidential grave site. The marble stone isn’t set on the graves, but in back of them. You can barely make out the mounds of earth under which lie Franklin and Eleanor; Franklin’s is marked by the flag.

Behind the grave marker is a sundial, barely noticeable here, under which are buried two of Roosevelt’s dogs, including Fala, “The First Dog”.

We passed the Coach House, although I didn’t go in and explore. After the house tour I wanted to go back to the car and let Lady walk in a nearby field for a few minutes.

I loved the house! It isn’t pretentious, and looks like it would have been a comfortable place to live. The huge library with lots of comfortable furniture was the President’s favorite room, and I think it would be mine as well. So many homes that are turned into museums have uncomfortable looking furniture that you wouldn’t dare sit on, but this one gives the appearance that life was actually lived there. Outside the kitchen door is the wash house, and I took a picture of probably what was the coal cellar – does anyone remember those? They had to heat the water for all the laundry such a house would generate.

The Museum and Library are currently under renovation both inside and out, but visitors are still allowed access – soon they will have to close it temporarily to finish renovations inside the building.

Here are a few more pictures of the grounds.

And this is the nice field enjoyed by Her Ladyship.

Speaking of the old girl, she is doing quite well. Still doesn’t like to jump in or out of the car, but is much better at the stairs, as well as in getting up and down and walking about.

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7 Responses to Hyde Park and the FDR Home & Museum

  1. TROUBLEnTX says:

    Love all the pics, and Lady too.

  2. Glad to see you are getting out and about. 🙂

  3. Loved the tour. I remember coal cellars. My grandma and grandpa had one (we lived right next door to them) and when I was young they were still using coal. Sure glad Lady is feeling a little better and getting around okay. We just had a thunderstorm go through and poor Scooter about had several heart attacks. But the sun is shining and she's sleeping so all is well.

  4. Sherry says:

    We had one of the last coal cellars in the first house I remember as a child of 5 and under. Boy those really are past days. I do so admire Eleanor Roosevelt.

  5. Dizzy-Dick says:

    Glad you and Lady both are having a good time.

  6. JOJO says:

    I remember the coal cellar. It was not a nice place. Then the home owner switched to gas.Looks like you and Lady had a very nice day. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  7. Teri says:

    Looks like you had a good day touring the house and grounds. Nice pictures.

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