Not much luck today

I set out this morning to find another historical site in the area. I had a difficult time finding it and ended up driving up a winding road for several miles and then back down again. The site turned out to be exactly where it should have been, and that is where I made the turn to go up that hill. I drove onto the grounds but found it is only open by appointment until the summer months.

I then went to a nearby kennel to see if it was a place I might want to leave Lady for a few days. One of the employees took me on a tour and showed me their kennels, runs, etc., and I decided to go ahead and set up her 4 days stay when we drive to PA for the graduation. I had Lady in the car and even brought her into the building so it would be familiar when I bring her back. It is a load off my mind to have that taken care of. I used to use a kennel in Hyde Park, but I don’t think the owner liked Lady very much.

A trip to Walmart to buy a new band for my wristwatch rounded out the morning and I just decided to come home. It has been sunny for most of the day but very windy and I feel cold even though it is 45 degrees outside.

So that’s it for a few days. Maybe I’ll explore some more next week.

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